The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well, so now I really start my 100day challenge. I've started 3 days ago by eating much fruit and vegetables becose I really want to be more healthy and not eat sugar and drink coke all day. Don't get me rong Im not overwieight or something but I've noticed what that kind of food does to your body! :) And not in a positive way. And I accually work somedays at a gym...
But I feel so much more energetic and happy that I acually started with that!! And tomorrow Im gonna go and work out at the gym. Sweat a little bit, feel alive ;D. So what else is new. Well I really want some action on my acting career, and the last couple of days, more casting agencys etc. actually vistit my page and well, they didn't before so it's starting ;)))

Well Im really greatful for my extra job at the gym I was there today to help new members and boy, it gives u so much energy to help people changing their lives and start to workout. It's a bit inbarricing that I actually took a "break" from my former "healthy life" to becoming one who watches TV all the time and eating unhealthy food, but hey, TODAY IS A NEW DAY!

Im so greatful for a lot of things, my old car, my wonderful boyfriend who cleaned the appartment when I've got back from work and made dinner, my loving cat who always sleeps next to me and hugs my arm (for real) wonderful family, the universe who listens to me all the time...becose sometimes i am

GOOD NIGHT and sleep


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Comment by Camilla on January 16, 2009 at 7:45am
ja eller hur hon känner hur jag mår det säger jag alltid ibland kan man vara ledsen och då kommer hon i min famn och tittar på hon är underbarast 4kilo ren kärlek ;D
Comment by Madeleine on January 16, 2009 at 5:57am
visst är katter underbara,har själv 2 st,de ger mig ro o glädje,å speciellt när jag mår dåligt,de är precis som om du förstår,,lägger huvudet på sne,å kryper upp i ens famn:-)

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