The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It is a Beautiful day and I feel Wonderful.. It always surprises me that when I say the words the feeling increases so I am saying them a lot because I want the feeling to GROW!. It is my intention to post a video today just to say hi and to move forward on my skills for being able to relay information on camera.
I am thrilled that the book sales are going well and I can't wait til I am selling my very own book. Because Of my book sales I have been able to take on another small business through KIVA and the LWTTV group.
I am knowing that the technical glitches with LWTTV are clearing and that it is going to become easier than ever to use and maintain.
Today it is my wish to have the shop be in tip top shape and still have plenty of time for the many customers who will need my attention to fill their shopping needs and to work on my process of becoming an even BETTER me.
I am LOVING life!

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