The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I've decided today is going to be a tolerations list day and a "streamline" day. I'm going to take whats on my tolerations list after I've completed it and write a streamline list for how I can move the tolerations off the list and create a solution and streamline my life.


This being the Christmas season is not helping on my busy-ness scale. I didn't realize that I neglected so many things these past few weeks. Although to give myself a break while I was neglecting some things I was taking care of new responsibilities so I guess it all balances out. Now to find a way to work the new in with the old so I'm getting it all done.


The list should help with my manifesting the "well oiled machine" affect in my house. Hmm. Time will tell.


So, today is day 12, season 10 and I'm moving right alone....Learning how to surf.


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Comment by Jill on December 14, 2012 at 5:16pm

Toleration list. WOW never heard this one. Awesome.

You got me to thinking about what I tolerate. Oh sure there are little hubby leaving the seat in my car pushed back after he drives it. As I talk about it on paper brings about thoughts on how to organize these "tolerated" items. My first thought is that this seat in the car thing would be at the bottom of the list as the annoyance (I struggle with scooting the seat forward)  is short lived. I guess it would be right there listed next to the "leaving the toilet seat up thing", another short lived thing. Which brings me to the idea that all these short lived annoyances can add up. I mean really...30 years of "the toilet seat up thing" can muster something unconsciously huh.  Wow...thanks ...I am going to ponder this "tolerating list thing".

At to the good one.

I totally love the "trust" thing. Took me a long time to trust others to do a job correctly. That was the control freak gal...she is gone now. I let go more than ever now and it sure feels good.

The big question for me now is this. Does Jil'ls behavior cause someone to add to their Toleration list? I will now be more discerning in this area.

Blessings, J

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