The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Well, this season has been filled with IOU's to the Universe cleverly disguised as "I will do it tomorrow"

Then tomorrow comes and it goes and so does the desire to do the thing. For example: I got a new (flip) video camera and I keep telling myself I should make a video, seriously, it has been almost 2 years since I have done one!

So I silently say Nah, not today I might do it tomorrow.....tomorrow...tomorrow..tomorrow. tomorrow. tomorrow. Now that I wonder how many frigging tomorrows ago did I say that? Two years! Seriously?! Wow!

So the homesteading thing has kept me busy as of late. Things are slowing down a bit down since it is about to be fall.

But That tomorrow thing really struck a nerve with me. For no real reason at all I just stopped wanting to wear makeup, fix myself up really nice just to make videos.

I would rather be working outside.

Do you ever tell yourself that you will do it tomorrow? I am wondering because it might be contagious!

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Comment by Thx 4 ur support in my journies! on August 11, 2013 at 10:49am

Yes, are talking to her!!! This is miss Tomorrow. This has been me for at least 4 years. Actually I used to be a doer, I never liked to delay things. I think that is in my nature. BUT if there are things in my life I have trouble confronting - out of fear or immaturity - I am the professor of DELAY. And there are so many things I have delayed to endlelss tomorrow that costed me a lot of money, energy and many other things you don't want to know.

I think the key thing to aske yourself is this: what is in your psyche that make you procrastinate? Usually it is some kind of depression or fear in some areas in your life. That negativity is preventing you from doing the thing that you actually want to do today, or maybe you don't want to do that thing so much - maybe that wish is a bit more superficial than you think. In the last case it is not depression or fear, it is just you want that thing to happen that much.

And if you really deeply don't want to do it, then it is no problem that you keep procrastinating until you never do it. Tht is why my focus is on the first one - the fear and depression that keeps us from getting what we want to get. Robin Sharma says: start you day by doing the thing that you fear the most! Because when you confront your fear, that shadow stops controlling and ruling your life - and you can use the rest of the day having fun doing what you love!

Ps: you should look neat and look nice most of the days - wether you're working at home or outside. Your body is your temple, and if you don't give it the love and pampering that it deserves - who are you giving your love to?? It doesn't matter if you have kids or a husband, you have to love yourself and keep yourself first before you can spread your love to others. That's how you inspire them, and they become proud of you.

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