The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am manifesting a great grade on tomorrow's quiz in organic chemistry. I am studying hard and making good use of my time. I take diligent notes and ask lots of questions. I study with a tutor three times a week and on my own every day. I understand chemical reactions in alkenes and aromatic hydrocarbons. I'm excited to take the quiz and do well on it! I'm excited to make myself and my professor proud of me. 

I am manifesting good quiz and exam grades, as well as good grades on lab assignments and lots of extra credit. I already manifested a great lab partner and great supplemental instruction sessions, so I'm well on my way to getting phenomenal grades in this class! I'll study tomorrow and the next day with a tutor at school, and Saturday or Sunday I'll study some more with my private tutor.

I'm looking very much forward to tomorrow's lesson and more opportunities to achieve success in this course. It is my destiny to do well in this class and to get into nursing school and help others with my medical knowledge and compassion. Tomorrow and all the classes after that bring me one step closer to my dream!

I am grateful for my professor
I am grateful for my partner

I am grateful for my family

I am grateful for my friends

I am grateful for my classmates

I am grateful for my lab partner

I am grateful for my good health

I am grateful for my excellent grades

I am grateful for this community

I am grateful for our lovely car

I am grateful for good checkups

I am grateful for tutors

I am grateful for all those who inspired me to go after my destiny in nursing
I claim great grades, abundance, health, calm, happiness, and success over tomorrow, the next day, the rest of the semester, and the rest of my life!


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