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  I am aware of personality differences values ,ways of learning expression etc..,  I also know about forgiveness,letting go, and sometimes the need to confront..

I am having self esteem issues,by being in a  group  at a 2 yr night course that I already paid for. I have had the younger kids bluntly criticize me, telling me how I need to improve and it's not done positively. I am not close to the class mates, and they are very young..

I feel judged, I mean harshly, and I feel not happy. It is hard for me to learn and be my true self. In other words to feel comfortable and safe. I feel that personality,age,values etc.., are coming into play.. and I feel like the majority of people in this class find ways through body language and put downs, like little bullies.

I know I can confront them, and I know I can go to the teacher. I just want to feel a sense of acceptance with others 

in class as there is another year  and a half to go..

So,do I confront,accept or change.. I've contacted the guidance counselor to discuss the issue,I feel like stopping school, I can't sleep. I am overly stressed and I know I have a lot of changing to do. I just want to finish school,get a degree and do the work I love.. 

Yet, there maybe a possible transfer either to another program or a 6 month similar program in another city

Any ideas on how to deal with this  

thanks Everyone


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Comment by kelly on February 2, 2012 at 12:41am

   thank you;  Jilly and Mona things Seem a little better  glad to perservere!! Let love lead the Way!! hugs


Comment by Jill on January 27, 2012 at 2:18am

Hi Kel, Dang girlfriend it is sure good to see you. I have been pretty busy in my group moderating etc that I have not had much time to read the blogs on the site. So glad I saw your pic icon and opened this up.

Mona here is right on with her advice. I know its hard to realize that these people that you talk about are reflecting who they are...not who you are. Along with prayer, meditation and forgiveness toward them...also try to understand them in a profound way.  Try to stand at the back door of who they are as young people, and try to see what makes them tick. Shine light on the darkess that is you can see and understand and have knowing and understanding. When you do brings light, and we all know what happens when light over shadows situations like this.

People here always talk about neg and positive. Imagine for a minute that there was not such thing as right or wrong. When you do ...the idea that they are against you in whatever manner will diminish.

If they tell you something bluntly....thank them for there kind recommendation. Tell them how much you appreciate them for saying so. Ask them for advice. Invite them into your circle.

Forget about the personality, age and values thing for a season. Once you will have a better understanding of them and possibly see the learning experience in all this. don't have self esteem issues because of them...its something that you brought to the table. They just made you realize it. This maybe to prepare you to stand strong in any circumstance that might come your way in the future.

Light, light, light my sweet precious friend...Jilly

Comment by Mona on January 26, 2012 at 2:43pm

Dearest Kelly,

I'm sending you unconditional LOVE. In my blog I posted just little while ago, I suggested become fluid like water, and not to become hard like a rock that it prevents you from moving. I feel right now what you can do to deflect their harshness is to pray for them and forgive them. Understand that they are not at your level of consciousness, they may not even realize that they are having a negative impact on you. It may very well be just their nature or maturity level just to speak without thinking. I know it's hard not to take it personally, but view them as you would a movie. They are just actors and they have nothing to do with who you are, the more attention you give them, the more they will interfere in your space. Allow them to be and if they need to criticize just remember that that is their immaturity and ignorance... That is not YOUR shortcoming! Also, see if this experience has ever happened to you before... there maybe some unresolved lesson that you need to learn from all of their inappropriateness, keep digging for the lesson and once you get it, either you will be able to transfer or something out of the ordinary will occur for your separation from that kind of behavior. My friend there is always a lesson, look at it as an adventure as oppose to something fearful. Get excited about class, change your demeanor and watch the shift occur. You've paid for this class and you deserve to get the best out of it, remind yourself of that. May you continue to unfold, expand to the truth of YOU !!! Blessings to you my friend, thank you for sharing and trusting the Universe to guide you back to LOVE :)


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