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Traveling back - has it really been 8 years?

I have not been on this site for eons. I decided to go back and look at the date that I created my page and it was June 4, 2008!!! I can not believe it has been that long!!

My life has taken so many twists and turns since then its mind boggling. I'm pretty sure the last thing I posted here was in 2012 or so. For those of you who are into astrology it seemed that from 2012 to 2016 it was an intense time of growth. I had so many people in my life die. Talk about the journey of the Phoenix?! It was a four year series of crashing and burning for me. In 2014 my son died and that was the ultimate crash. I didn't pick my head up off the cement for 2 years.

I was recently gifted with stumbling on an opportunity to study this course with Jean Houston called "Awakening to Your Lifes Purpose"
Its as if my soul reached across the divide, grabbed me, picked me up off the ground and flew me to the stars. I feel like I am finally reunited with that part of myself that is the higher, wiser soul self. Its like I came through the longest, loneliest winter and suddenly the sun has poked its head out and is shining on my face and I can finally feel the warmth and remember the connection. 

When my son died, within hours, I knew that a large part of my reason for being on this planet and the experiences that I had had over the years was pointing to that moment. I was going to step into my purpose, to begin to bring a new reality to drug rehabilitation and to introduce a new trajectory for people trying to create a clean reality. I had NO idea how though. And I had a huge amount of grief work that I needed to do first. So I committed to being fully present for the grieving in order to do the growth as fast as possible. (A theme in my life) I will never be done grieving him. However, I am done dying with him. 

I still am not quite sure how I'm going to create it but I am beginning to see glimpses of different possibilities. I am beginning to see how it can be done rather than how daunting the task is. So that is the ray of light. 

At any rate I think that coming here and creating a space for the positive possibilities is very important at this time. Ning has such a different feel than regular social media pages. It feels like its all mine and I can do, artistically, anything I want to do. When I put things out on FB it is met with more people who can't envision or don't believe things can be done. And there is the anonymity here also. Its lovely to be able to create in my mind, put it out there and remain somewhat anonymous. 

So I believe that today I will start to put together a page that reflects my current path. I do miss my streaming playlist that was here. If anyone knows how I can get streaming music imbedded please let me know! 

Sending lots of love waves out to everyone today....xoxoxo

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