The 100 Day Reality Challenge

As I continue to grow I have come to the realization that there is nothing to manifest. How is that possible? Because if you BELIEVE you have to manifest something you can’t at the same time believe that you ALREADY HAVE IT….. which is HOW it comes to you in manifest form.


THAT is a truth…. not just an opinion. You can deny it but it remains true today and every day.


We do MANIFEST things…. But to SAY or THINK we are going to manifest something is to deny its presence in our lives NOW….. which the belief that you already possess it is HOW it is manifested.... but we do NOT SAY we are going to manifest it...... "by our words we are justified by our words we condemned"


Watch your words.... when you think are saying one thing it may be a confession of something else. (to SAY you are going to manifest is to CONFESS you do not already have it in consciousness... which is the ONLY way you can actually manifest.... believing you ALREADY HAVE IT.


Very tricky…. We think we are being smart by telling others what we are going to manifest when in reality SAYING you are going to manifest something is a CONFESSION that you do not already possess it….. which is the ONE KEY to drawing it into your world.


So how DO we tell others what we are going to do?


We DON’T…. telling others what we PLAN to do is a confession to OURSELVES that we do not currently have something…. And if this is your belief then you will remain without it and will never manifest it.


How we manifest something is by FIRST bypassing our need to tell others and keeping it a secret locked up within ourselves….. START COLAIMING IT IS ALREADY YOURS…. See it in your mind’s eye, feel it in your mind’s eye, touch it in your mind’s eye, smell it in your mind’s eye and taste it in your mind’s eye IF these things are possible once it is in your physical presence.


Live in that FEELING day in and day out….. it is our IMAGINATION that is drawing it to us… NOT necessarily our intentions…. Again very tricky words…. Intent IMPLIES LACK…. If you lack it in mind you will lack it in three dimensional space, which is our physical world.


People can deny this all they like but if they did not somehow, somewhere FIRST believe within themselves that whatever they desired was already theirs they did NOT MANIFEST IT…. They got it in some other manner and just THINK they manifested it.


TRUE MANIFESTATION is the BELIEF that you ALREADY POSSESS something and it THEN comes into your world through NO MORE EFFORT that your BELIEF….


THEN… you will KNOW what a thrill it is to not only KNOW how to manifest but to EXPERIENCE true manifestation.


Manifestations are created in our IMAGINATION …. And for me it was explained by one of the best teachers I have come across…. Neville Goddard.


We have ALL heard the words “God created man in his image”.


God is consciousness….. so to properly interpret that quote it would begin like this….


Consciousness created man in his image….


Next the word MAN is interpreted as MANIFESTATION.


Consciousness created manifestations in his image……


And lastly… image properly interpreted is IMAGINATION….


Consciousness created manifestations in OUR IMAGINATION…..


Those that do not believe this can only see the literal or surface meaning of that…. And of what use would that be to ANY of us?


The Bible is telling MANIKIND how to create their own lives….. in their imagination.


But you MUST be awake to this truth in order to start applying in your own life.


If you are asleep to this then you go on believing is some power OUTSIDE of you that does things for you……


Why it was hidden I do not know…. But it was hidden in a book called the Bible…


WE …EVERY HUMAN BEING can create their own lives by FIRST seeing it in their mind (consciousness) and then ALLOWING it to manifest in this world we live in.


AMAZING….. The Bible keeps the truth HIDDEN from the view of people that are not ready for the TRUTH of who and what we are…. Which is CREATORS of our own existence….


If THAT doesn’t send thrills and chills of excitement through your body KNWOING that what is in store for ALL OF US…. Then you are more than likely asleep to this truth…. believing the lies this world has passed down through the generations …


So you either believe in YOU being the creator of your own life and are FREE or you believe in some other power that people call GOD that is separate from you and live in a limited world of whatever other people tell you is YOUR TRUTH.


You have choices and free will….. to believe in your own abilities OR to believe there is some POWER outside of you that is the cause of everything that happens in this universe.


THAT is what the people down through the centuries knew that so many people even in today’s world do not know….


The ancients KNEW the TRUTH and HID it in ALLEGORY in a book called the Bible only to be revealed to those that have woke from the sleep of mankind to the POWER THAT WE ALL ARE…. Which is CONSCIOUSNESS (which creates our experiences in our imagination) and what the WORLD calls GOD.


God is I AM…. Whatever we ATTACH to I AM we will experience in our lives…. That is why we can’t take the lords name….I AM… in vain…. Because whatever you attach to I AM (Gods name) you are attaching to YOURSELF.


NEVER…..EVER…. attach ANYTHING negative to I AM….. because THAT is taking God’s name in VAIN…. And it WILL RETURN TO YOU… ONLY attach positive things such as HEALTH…WEALTH… LOVE…. KINDNESS….CARING…. TOLERANT … UNDERSTANDING to I AM…. As those things YOU want to experience in your world…


Life continues to get better as you wake up to the truth of who and what you are…..


And if you are not ready to know this truth you will remain asleep to it…. Only to one day awaken from this dream of life to the power you are.

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Comment by Jill on June 22, 2011 at 7:40pm
I'm glad you made it over here Billy to see this post. I hope jiji makes her way here to find it as well. I really should have checked to make sure the link worked. I guess it did. Thank you Universe.
Comment by Billy Alley on June 22, 2011 at 6:58pm
Thank you for sharing this information, because it's helped me become a little more aware today.  A shift in words can mean a shift in mindset, leading to being in the present one desires to be present in.  It's helped me become more aware of right now.
Comment by David on June 19, 2011 at 9:05am

Thank you Lee Ann... : o )


SSU... you are getting it.... have more faith in yourself... it is a process of applying what you have learned and you are ALREADY DOING THAT.... just keep doing it.

Comment by Sunny Side Up on June 18, 2011 at 11:26pm
I keep reading this over and over. There is so much in it. I think it is hard to shift from setting intentions to imagining but I am working on it and believing more and more in the power of my imagination.
Comment by David on June 16, 2011 at 2:03pm

Thank you Jilly! I think it's great that your 27 year old son gets it. Maybe the waking up process for all of us is when finally start to believe what we are telling ourselves more than what the world is trying to convince us is their truth.


I think we are just experiencing the TIP of what we are capable of as beings of ENERGY.... You gotta love it...

Comment by Jill on June 16, 2011 at 1:41pm

This is a comment from JILLY's 27 year old son. After reading this blog, he replied...

FINALLY someone gets it....YES.....keep it a SECRET.

I have been saying this all along and I found no one that got what I was saying. Thank you David for this blog.


From Jilly: about the "Secret"

I discussed this very thing with my son over a year ago. I got it then and David reminded me of it again here in his blog. Thanks David.

Comment by Snigdha Jain on June 16, 2011 at 1:00pm
Comment by David on June 16, 2011 at 12:53pm

I also LOVE what you said about I AM.... being very powerful words.


They are more powerful than most of what the sleeping world is aware of....


Think about this.... I AM being God (which is consciousness) is also US... so whatever we are attaching to oursleves with I AM we are also attahcing to God (consciousness) .....which is how we bring everything into our lives....


 by SIMPLY attaching WHATEVER we desire to I AM we are making it a part of our world.....


That is why I believe so many people have suffered in life.... not knowing this one truth.... I AM _________ I choose heath.... and wealth.... and love... and ALL THINGS GOOD and ONLY good.


Here's to our power

Comment by David on June 16, 2011 at 12:49pm

"One could say that the word "challenge" implies "lack/fear". Would you agree? Why would someone want their lives to be a "challenge". When I do my 100 days here...I call it my 100 day journal. By no means is my life or the next 100 days of it......a challenge."


You are 100% CORRECT Jilly.... : o )


Regarding the rest of your reply.... WOW.... I agree with all of that too.


One thing I have woken up to is I no longer am ;looking for conformation outside of myself on any of my beliefs.... which is the very SAME THING as saying I do not believe in what I myself am saying. I either believe it or I don't.


And I believe we are our OWN creators of our own lives.... PERIOD. You, me, everyone is creating their own experiences day in and day out.... whether we believe in ourselves or some outside power we call God.... we are all creating our own reality.


I like being my own creator.... better things have happened in my life since I accpeted this truth (and yes it is MY truth).


Your words are very inspiring Jilly.....


Thank you

Comment by Jill on June 16, 2011 at 12:37pm

David, Every single co-creator should read this. Everyone!

GOSH David...tell me what are you reading now ? !

Going back to the Seat of the Soul....Gary tells how we use our 5 senses that which represents our physical and that is the big hang up. ITs effects are only temporary. Instead the answers lay within as you have implied here.

Yes I agree, semantics on all the key words here. IMAGINE/MANIFEST/CONSCIOUS.

I opened a discussion on the word "challenge" sometime ago as in "THE 100 DAY CHALLENGE". One could say that the word "challenge" implies "lack/fear". Would you agree? Why would someone want their lives to be a "challenge". When I do my 100 days here...I call it my 100 day journal. By no means is my life or the next 100 days of it......a challenge.

Regarding "I AM".

Very powerful word those two very simple words huh.

About 20 years ago I came to the realization that I would not take those words lightly. Maybe cause this that you are talking about here....sunk in for me those many years back.

When I would hear someone say...I am SICK or I am sick with cancer....It was like hearing nails scratching a chalk board. It would give me shivers down my spine. If individuals only could realize the implication.

When my health takes a turn...I never, ever tell anyone except my husband. I keep it a huge secret. You will never see anyone point the finger at me and say "she is sick".

Regarding the Power thing: Somewhere along the line humans changed and believed that following something outside themselves was where the power lay. Thank goodness, love and Joy that we are waking up to the real power. I read somewhere that knowledge is what accelerates the awakening process. are a value to the process,.. a beacon of light. You see knowledge is what separated/devided, and the wisdom you have found is what brings light upon the knowledge.

Prov 3:19-20a (NIV), by his knowledge the deeps were divided.

Prov 24:3-4 (NIV) By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.

Gosh I hate being a bible quoter....but hey...its all there isn't it. Oh sure there are many shadows/veils, clouding the wisdom of the writings.

You are a light David that will bring much understanding of this stuff to many co-creators.


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