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trying to get down the moves....change patterns and find peace


its hard to find peace and quite inside when you cant find it on the outside...and sometimes thats ok when the world is exciting....right now I am so thankful  for so many wonderful things and gifts...i have been guided here more times then i can count...just in the last week!! 2 out of the 4 days of my new job i turned off my alarm n my sleep b/c i am not used to getting up at 5am for this job...and both times i woke up mysteriously just in the nick of time to fly out the door...i have been praying daily for guidence with the new job, and safety with the drive as the road is bad the the weather is terrible....i have been so blessed through more than one sticky road situation, i felt calm and guided...and then yesterday when i got home from work i was watching this area of light on the ground, change as the cloud coverage change as the wind was blowing the clouds away and back was really beautiful, i feel like something was telling me or i was telling myself...that little strip of light is like an old healing wound as it heals....then the clouds changed and coverd the sun, and the strip of light got small and disapperd in to the rest of the shade...its our of the normal to be so connected to the universe as much as i have been, i know part is because so much is in limbo for me right now..a lot of foucus on that support and a lot of prayer...sometimes it freaks me out!! does that happen to anyone you really feel like so much communication is going on between you and the universe its unreal?? I will continue to work twords my growing art of the art of much connection..its a very beautiful thing I am sooooo sleepy i have GOT to get to you guys :)   I am anticipating when i get to have this connection in a place that is a home :) Thankful for it all

PS) thanks LOVE for this awsome pic i found on your profile :)



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Comment by Shaman Kanowa on March 26, 2011 at 3:29am
Wow 5am is so early! I am not used to that!

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