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The past couple weeks have been a tough time for me. I lost where I was going and who I was but luckily I found it again. Emily suggested that I start reading again and that's what I did. It helped so much to get back into the mind frame and take control of my life again. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.


Today was a great day. I was listening to Deepak Chopra the other day and he was talking about how time was all in our minds. It has helped tremendously in my job as I don't necessarily want to be there. I just tell myself that time there flies by and it works pretty well. I've reconnected with myself again and am building that back up again. It didn't happen overnight which was surprising to me cause I had such a firm grasp of it this summer but I know that it will only serve to make me stronger.


I feel blessed again.

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Comment by Jill on December 16, 2010 at 6:21pm

Oh Chris, I so know what you are talking about here. I read between the lines of your blog and what I see is the importance of the "Connection". Staying connected. What I mean here is "Staying connected to what you had this summer". I guess its like anything else. We need to tack up a post-it that reminds us of this spiritual connection. We have not quite evolved to the point that we lost that which we call "forgetfulness". Thanks for pointing this out in a round about way for me. Sometimes I think I have it mastered/a firm grip on that handle as it were. Unconsciously we let it slip through my fingers. I feel fortunate that so far the grip has loosened but not so much that I lost the grip entirely.  What is wonderful is that we have people in our lives that remind us how to "get a grip" giggle. Did I just say that.

Hey to EM for me.

I hope you both have a fabulous Holiday. Hugs J

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