The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Universe Provides a coach with a discount - Day 72 - 28 to go

How funny....I have set myself a 30day challenge to make money and that is nearly exactly the same time I have left in this 100 day challenge!
I am so lucky ....

I set the intention to manifest a Success/Life coach, but of course I was blown away at first by how much they can be. Well, I found one that is studying and wants to work with me for free! He is great.....and very helpful.

As I was feeling so great about this new coach, I found one that is in the same likeness as Tony Robbins.........I contacted him and there is some great synergy. He was an actor and was involved in a helicopter accident and decided he wanted to help others........

Well, I connected with him and I am going to do his thing is, he is letting me share with my effectively for 50% off.....


I am grateful for the synchronicity and people you find me along my journey
I am grateful for my health and that we will not get swine flu
I am grateful for my new empowered friend
I am grateful for a understanding husband
I am grateful every minute of ever day for the beautiful house that we live in and a car that runs so smoothly.
I am grafeful for the abundance and money that flows so easily into my life.

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Comment by perfect day girl on July 10, 2009 at 8:34pm
Is the coach you are talking about Kurek Ashely? I have his book and my mum has seen him live. Where are you doing his program? In Australia? He sounds awesome!!!!

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