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Unseen Inspiration Manifested - Only the Beginning

Dear Universe, I believe the Power (Love) must somehow be flowing through me at the moment.  The new attitude toward diet (healthy foods make me feel positive) and the exercise (expending energy to get energy) are definitely a huge part of it.  Finding an online community of people who are working together to shed excess weight and gain optimum health was perhaps the first blessing but it took me a couple of years of emails from their site before I realized how much they could help me.  Meanwhile there was the iPhone.  And with the iPhone came flooding in YouTube-on-the-go and all the wonderful voices of the mentors whose books I had been reading such as Barbara Ann Brennan, Julia Cameron, Rhonda Byrne and the teachers of The Secret, the leaders and students of The Pathwork Centre, as well as the discovery of LILOU!  Whole books I had dreamed of reading were  available on audiotape for free, such as Wallace Wattle's book that inspired The Secret.  Today I am filled with energy.  Today I am filled with Love.  I have made a request of the universe that may seem to "Challenge Reality."  I decided to finish a book of poems for a contest (that runs only every 2 years) in 5 days--I needed a minimum of 36 poems.  Was I CRazy??  I Asked.  I Believed.  I have a master's degree in English and creative writing but writing poems has never come easily to me, or at least not in a long time, and they have recently been few, far between, and only manifested in the middle of the night as the result of dreams.  I did a hypnosis before I went to bed where the gentle female voice suggested that as I slept a miracle would occur and I would wake up a writer.  "How would it feel?" she asked. "What would it look like to others?"  "How would I negotiate the world?"  What I received after doing this hypnosis and then finally making the commitment to the Co-Creator challenge with a video on the site and YouTube was inspiration beyond my wildest dreams.  As I walked into the metro I was compelled to pull out my phone and record poems that were coming to me in their entirety, with pauses, but surely.  All along the ride to my destination I saw associations in the words in the advertisements on the train's walls and collected them in my notebook.  As I entered copy into the computer at my volunteer job, words jumped out at me that held great power, beauty, and relevance to my project, which is on Leonard Cohen and his muse Suzanne.  On the way home from work today I never felt more loving toward my boyfriend and grateful to be cared for.  Thank you universe, for my manifestation.  I have only had four hours sleep for the last 3 days, with small naps in the afternoon.  Please bless my body, mind, and soul to run on my newfound joy.  I am ready to receive.  Namaste and peace out, my fellow co-creators...

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Comment by GOODREAMS on November 1, 2013 at 8:36am

Hi Emmy, tried to put a post on your comment wall, but i might have not succeeded,so i'll try here: thanks for your comment to my blog! I like how you have put up your goals on your page: "beyond your wildest dreams", that is a good way of making things happen! I think being aware of what we want is half of the job done!

When you have time and feel like it, post me a couple of sentences from your writing or whatever comes into your mind.& continue in bliss as in your blog above, best wishes!

Comment by Roos on September 29, 2013 at 5:57am

Emmy! How wonderful.

I believe that you have been hearing your guide speak to you. And she had excellent advice. To feel the way you would feel when it already was there.

I am too writing. I am writing a book. And i feel like its already out there and helping tons of people all over the globe. Congrats on your manifestation!


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