The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I had to leave my baking lab early today, because I felt very ill. I haven't been sick in a long while, but its not so bad. I guess now I can veg out all day and not feel guilty!! Anyway I am trying to stay positive and hope for a speedy recovery. Being so sick, makes me feel grateful for all the times I am healthy. It also makes me want to be better to my body.

I have been noticing recently that things do not bother me so much anymore. I just lost another job that I just started!!! Its a real bummer because I could use the money. I have been very unlucky this year in the money department. But honestly I do not mind, I didnt get upset like I usaully do! I am going with the flow, maybe it just wasnt right, plus I got sick so its better that I rest.

I do not know if I have figured out how to stay in control of my emotions or if I am just callous. I think this is good though, worrying about things does nothing but provide unhealthy stress.

I think I am starting to get it,
because in a sense everything matters,
and all moments make up your life,
but really nothing matters,
because it all comes to an end,
this too shall pass,

even with that said I am not depressed or scared, there is so much more to learn.

god bless

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