The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Now, let's take this a step further.

Hypothetical scenario: 1870's (before the internet and colored photography)

Let's say this flower (the burgundas orchidaceae) is native to the San Diego region and does not grow anywhere else in the world. Also, let's hypothetically imagine this flower is the only object in the world the color burgundy could be found. If we have never been to San Diego, let alone seen any other types of "orchidaceae", it would be nearly impossible to imagine this flower, let alone describe it to an inquisitive fellow. If we were to establish a 1-3 criterium in accuracy, 1 being the least accurate, it seems probable would be able to imagine or depict this flower at a level 1.

Consequently, one could come closer to describing the burgundas orchidaceae if they have witnessed a similir sort of orchidaceae at their local botanical garden. They could probably obtain a descriptive level 2 with this knowledge. However, for the fellow whose mission is to be conscious and understanding of all orchidaceae, this is not enough. The fellow must make the trek to San Diego to witness its distinct hue, aroma, texture, ecological positioning, and overall beauty. The fellow realizes very few humans have taken the time to appreciate this rare flower and wants to share it with the world. He makes sketches and is diligent to mix the proper proportions and colors to craft its anomalous hue when painting the flower. He is one to value the juncture between the world and its new impressions upon his mind. And it seems almost natural to conclude that if we

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