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My first week of season 8 has been really good. I started off with day 1 feeling a bit low but each day feeling more positive and I think it is because I am even more concious of my feelings and thoughts since I started season 8.
In my last blog I wrote about my review of season 7 which made me realise how well I have done which I forget sometimes and I tend to focus on how well I'm not doing.
Another great thing about this 100 day challenge is the like-minded people I have met. I met some wonderful people on my first challenge that I am still in touch with and Chenelle from the challenge has been an amazing help to me. With positivity and help with my jewellery business. We chat on facebook everyday more than I do with anyone! She has been like my advisor, giving ideas, opinions and helping with my website design and marketing etc.

I have been trusting the universe that I will get help with all areas I need and I even found an amazing photographer by chance which the photo above was taken by for my new Lookbook for my jewellery designs. I found myself getting a little frustrated today that I haven't heard from her as she promised new shots last week but I keep reminding myself that everything will work out at the right time.

I was also frustrated that my jewellery designs wasn't mentioned in all the magazines when the famous person wearing my jewellery was pictured in them but I know now that I was becoming too desperate and pushing it away without knowing. I know now that now isn't the right time as I am not ready for that kind of exposure yet and once I stopped obsessing over why all the weekly magazines haven't emailed me back I suddenly got an email from Vogue!!! They contacted me on my website! I wouldn't of even dreamed of emailing them so this is great news and this week I have been preparing for my feature which will be in this summer's edition.

I want my journey to inspire other people to do what they really want no matter how unreal it may seem. In my first season I decided if I can do what ever I want then I want to be a jewellery designer. I had no experience and it seemed like just a dream but my negative/limited beliefs held me back but I was good at visualising it so in season 6 I went for it! My dreams/visualisations are coming true, famous people are wearing my jewellery and my designs will be in Vogue!

I came on here to write my goals and intentions for this season but I have go on too much now so I will write them in my next blog:)

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Comment by PJ on June 3, 2010 at 1:24am
Wow again!! Vogue - how amazing!! Please get me a copy of the magazine when your jewelry is featured in it - I'd love to keep a copy. Also so great to hear how Chenelle has been there through your journey - she is an amazing person too and an incredible inspiration. You are both amazing. pj


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