The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Week 2 ~Do a Good Deed for Someone you Don't Know

1. Find A New Music Artist To Love
2. Read A Book By An Author You Haven’t Read Before
3. Get A Facial
4. Get A Pedicure
5. Get A Manicure
6. Have A Massage
7. Get Your Hair Done
8. Do A Good Deed For Someone You Live With
9. Do A Good Deed For Someone You Don’t Live With
10. Choose Something From Your Bucket List And Do It
11. Volunteer
12. Buy A Random Gift For Someone You Love
13. Go On A Picnic
14. Go For A Photo Walk
15. Go To The Beach And Eat Ice Cream
16. Try A New Restaurant
17. Watch A Movie At The Cinema
18. Make A Dessert
19. Bake A New Dish
20. Take A Day Trip To A New Place
21. Have A Week Off Project 52
22. Do Something Spontaneous
23. Try A New Food
24. Do Something Relaxing
25. Write A Note To Someone Special
26. Write A Scripture On Your Mirror
27. Do Something You Have Never Done Before
28. See An Exhibition
29. Play A Game
30. Go To The Park
31. Do A Random Act Of Kindness
32. Take Someone To Lunch
33. Keep A Gratitude Journal For A Week
34. Evaluate Your Yearly Goals
35. Lay Out Under The Stars 
36. Buy A New Item Of Clothing
37. Find A Festival To Celebrate 
38. Write A Letter To Your Future Self
39. Learn Something New
40. Watch An Animated Movie With A Child
41. Organise Your Wardrobe
42. Go For Dessert With Someone You Love
43. Invite Someone New Over For Dinner
44. Write An End-Of-Year Highlights List
45. Watch Your Favourite Movie
46. See A Show
47. Do Something You Have Always Wanted To
48. Declutter A Room In Your House
49. Spend A Special Day With A Child
50. Celebrate
51. Put On Some Music And Dance
52. Participate In Mail Exchange
53. Buy Something For Yourself Just Because
54. Do A Craft
55. Write A New Project 52 List

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