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I just wanted to share with you my weight loss journey, I will be putting out a vlog soon... in the next three weeks actually. 2 weeks ago I weighed myself and found out that I had lost about 6kilos... since then I have not weighed myself, I was disappointed with the loss because I had hoped it would be greater, thus I decided not to weigh myself until the 9th of this month. When I had lost 6 Kilos I was already working out, visualising and praying for the strength to continue.. but somewhere in the middle I lost way and reverted back to my old habbits, and I guess as I am writing this now, I realise that I wasn't really angry at the number of Kilos not lost but myself for reverting back to old habbits. Some of you may feel like six kilos in 5 weeks is good and it is, but at the time I was frustrated because I had hoped the 4 and a half weeks of working hard would amount to more weight loss and would sustain me throughout my 3 days of binge eating and being a bit lazy... I guess not.

I've gotten back on track again and since then I've been really visualizing and trying to simply enjoy the process and I have been enjoying the process! I notice all these different muscle groups I didnt know existed and my tummy is getting flatter  and my clothes are getting looser. But since i'm  2 days away from weigh-in again, I notice this sort of uneasiness  settling in... like maybe I cant do it, or that i will be disappointed again (this week will be week 9). 

Actually its not just a feeling of I can't do it, its more a feeling of " Am I worthy?" Tonight, I'm going to pray and do some more visualizations in hopes that I get my momentum and motivation back!

I just wanted to share both the ups and downs of weight loss, If you are reading this and overweight, know that its not easy but it does get easier ( I promise!) but you will have to be the one to re-motivate and inspire yourself when you feel uneasy... and I'm  still in the process of learning how..

 here are the pictures of me so far... do you see an improvement?


sorry for the poor image quality! :(...

 I hope this post has helped you on your journey.. stay posted for my vlog coming out in November- when I each my goal !!!!

Through visualization, the power of allowing, prayer and exercise (action to visualization) 

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Comment by Elena-Beth Kaye on October 10, 2011 at 2:01am
Yes, of course I see a huge improvement! Let it all be in its own time. Even if we want it all to happen in 30 days, but it happens in 300 days, we would get to the 300th day anyway, and if we gave up after the 30th day, we'd still be at the high weight at day 300, but if we kept going we'd be at the low weight that same day. So just keep visualizing where you will be, and don't get hung up on how fast you get there. Because that day will come, and on that day you'll be happy!
Comment by Blossoming Beauty on October 7, 2011 at 7:26pm

What AWESOME progress!!!! Congrats for continuing on, and moving towards creating the body that feels best to YOU!  No worries about the misteps, it happens sometimes, the key is to keep moving forward.

THANKS FOR SHARING and for encouraging others.

Much continued success!!!


Comment by Tracey on October 7, 2011 at 6:39pm
just know that you are beautiful as you are ...and yes!!! you are worthy of any and all good that you desire. we (me too) have to let that sink in.
Comment by Samuel Caban on October 7, 2011 at 6:25pm

If I were you, I'd check out and

They are both great sites for workout programs (low price) and onnit has the best supplements for mind and body performance I've ever taken. If I could sell them I would. In fact, I'm looking into it because I like to push products I believe in. 


Good Luck! You won't need it. Stay Strong! :)



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