The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I love the end of a year.  The opportunity to reflect on what was, and ponder on what will be.  In the past it was with hapless desires of wishing to want..NOW, it will be with full fledged intentions of what WILL happen, what IS happening, knowing, it has come to pass.  I hope you all do the same, wrap yourself in the positive, stop what you're doing and put a golden light of love around yourself, then take a deep breath and see...what makes you happy, what brings you joy, and then write it down and share it...share it with one person, five people, fifty people a million people, just share what you love and see how big of a grin it brings to your face...
So I will share with any and all who care to wander by this place...and give them a glimpse, love in the eyes of this beholder....
Sunflowers make me smile, I ADORE them, their huge heads and small heads and the way each looks the same from a distance, but when you get up close and see them, really see them, you can see how completely different they are from each other. Just like people, we all appear to be this or that, but upon closer inspection, one realizes, just how different we are.  I love the scent of the warmth of the sun on my bare skin and laying in a field of new hay that has been recently mown. I love the smell of fresh cut grass that wafts thru the window when driving down the road. Fresh baked bread and slicing it open while the heat burns my fingertips…and slathering on a hunk of real butter, and blowing my fingertips, and the bread in the same instant, because it’s too hot to eat, but tastes sooo freaking GOOD piping hot!!! Ice cold sweet, a truly southern thing is so delicious on the hottest of days...or a ice cold draft beer..mmmm with ice chips floating in it while eating one of my fathers Creole dishes surrounded by my brothers and sisters and my niece running thru the house in a hurry to the next room incase she misses something. The sound my son makes when something tickles his funny bone. Sometimes it is so intense, it has me grinning and I've got no idea what he's laughing at, but the joy he feels, brings me such happiness, I have to giggle as well. OOOOHH and I love the fact that God blessed me to be his mother!!! To give me the opportunity to know him as a child and a young man and watch him grow into this AMAZING person, who knows from where his blessings come. To watch him have his own relationship with Source and picking his own path not because I forced him, but because Source revealed Himself to my son as He will to any who care to open themselves up to receive the blessing of knowledge and love. I love the sense of family that I have with my friends. The old and the new. I love trying new things and meeting strangers and trying to learn something new from them. I love accents and trying to decipher what they're trying to convey and listening closely and watching emotions cross faces as they try to be understood. I love senior citizens because they have sooooo much to share and sooooo much to tell and how they won't be quiet if given an opportunity to talk about what they did when they were younger. I love their wisdom. I love to go to yard sales and poke thru books and look at glass collections. I LOVE antique stores and especially old cookbooks that have hand written receipes in them, lol, everyone makes it better!! I love the country life, the peace and quiet of nature and taking my bible out on the porch to read the same verse again and again and each time having something new revealed. I love writing poetry and stories. Love to read them as well. I love lovemaking with someone who laughs and whispers during and can talk to me about the love of God in the middle of it all, because Source is in and runs through everything. I love to touch and hug, nice tight hugs and gentle caresses as well. I like to cheer people up when they are down even if no word is spoken and just the comfort of BEING there is enough. I love walking around an unknown place, traveling and staying off the beaten track.  I love history and learning about the past, and how it is often repeated..and then taking a twist and turning into something different.  I love to discover what is real and honest and true. I love truth and honesty, said kindly to someone, to build them up and let them know everyone matters, everyone. I love reading blogs because if you look you can really see many things about a person…and I wonder if people know, how much is really revealed on a web page and a post, if a person with a mind to see, opens themselves up ~ to see. I love discovering new thoughts, thoughts that are new to me, and seeing that however new they are to me, they are centuries old. I adore watching other people grow, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and share the wisdom they’ve been blessed with…so others who have just embarked on the path, can do the same as they grow and change.  I love my life and feel the joy of self discovery each every day. 



2012, come on and shine, bright, full, joyous and ever, ever moving into a higher plane!

HUGGLIES yah’ll!!!

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Comment by Blossoming Beauty on January 3, 2012 at 12:13pm

Thank you both for the comments.

Happy New Year to both of you as well.  May the blessings be more than your cups can handle!!!


Comment by SK on December 31, 2011 at 9:20pm

Hi Blossoming Beauty. Thank you so much for all of your encouraging comments at my page in this year. I was helped your comment so much when I had a difficulty. I wish you a wonderful new year filled with peace and positive energy. Have a happy new year!

Comment by Sunny Side Up on December 31, 2011 at 12:22pm

You have a beautiful soul BB and you are an inspiration. You are so right to remind us to focus on love and what you love and the sharing piece is so important too. I wish you a blessed year filled with love and light and peace. Happy new year BB :)

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