The 100 Day Reality Challenge

What do you do for yourself? What relaxes you? Suggestions?

Day 6

How are you today?

I am actually quite well. I'm getting better and better at "mirror work", whenever I have a negative thought I replace it with a positive one. It can be difficult, but I'm trying and I know I'm on the right track.

I do not have much time for myself though. The twins wake me up quite early, we have a family breakfast and then my partner starts working and I spend time with the twins (I'm still on maternity leave), I cook, we go for a walk,  I clean, "we" work in the garden and when they go to bed in the afternoon, I spend two hours taking care of finances for my fathers company and doing research for our publishing company. When my partner finishes working, we spend time together. It's lovely and fun. I love our family time. He helps as much as he can. He makes dinner or clean the dishes (it depends) and then we bathe them and put them in bed (I do that, because they are still breast feeding). And then ... well, I'm usually absolutely knackered. I normally take a quick shower or a bath and then we cuddle up (or make love) and fall asleep.

Before kids, i did a lot of yoga, I went out with my friends meditate, write, ... now I am just too tired and sometimes a bit lazy. :)

I need to relax a little and I need to take care of myself more.

What do you do that doesn't take much time and totally relaxes you?

I made a commitment to myself that I am going to spend an hour pampering myself at least 3 times a week (in the evening when twins are asleep).

Ahlea suggested a great thing ... - dry brushing -

I think it will really make me feel better. I also want to take longer baths, take care of my facial skin more and meditate.  

Have a great time,



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Comment by Kevin on January 30, 2014 at 12:32pm

My first hunch for you is that you need to get up earlier than the kids! My mom always always did that and she always accomplished so much before any of us woke up. I can't imagine getting woken up by young ones every morning, I feel like it would throw my life out of balance haha, but that's just me. My other hunch for you was to take baths with candlelight and relaxing music, like Miles Davis or some ambient music or something. Sip tea or hot chocolate in the tub too. and then I read that you want to do that anyways, so go for it!


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