The 100 Day Reality Challenge

what happens sometimes when you think about things

A couple years ago I kept thinking I wanted a new car that was paid off. My car at that time was costing too much and kept having problems with it. I thought how nice it would be to have a car like my moms that is a nice car and paid off. well then I was in a car accident which total my car. Everyone was okay, just a little bruised and shaken up(my kids were in the car with me). The next day my mom gave me her car and bought a new one and I received money back from my car since it was worth more than the loan on it. So you do have to be careful while you are thinking about stuff - you never know what might happen. I did get in to a bad custody case because of the accident. They tried to say I was drunk driving - that was not true and I did not receive a dui. My ex was very nasty with me and involved the kids with this. We just went to court and I find out in sixty days what the judge will decided. I am glad that part of it is done and I am using the law of attraction to make this in to a positive thing. May I continue to have a great and loving relationship with my kids. I want to keep my kids here - I have been taking care of them for sixteen years now and have never had any problems raising my kids on my own. I will be a great mom though all this and stay positive. I love my kids very much. Peace, Jeannie

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