The 100 Day Reality Challenge

...though of course it's liable to change and develop and all that. I'm going to try to write some imaginative relaxation/meditation/visualisation scripts and record them - some basic ones for free and more amazing ones for sale. Until last month I was still using an old computer that didn't even have a CD burner. So now that I can actually burn CDs I'm hugely excited by the possibilities! That, and the processing power to do brilliant audio editing stuff. So... I've managed to get my details updated on eBay so I can sell CDs on there, and I'll look into selling downloads on my own site. I own a couple of domains that I've never used - the names have nothing to do with the possible content, but hey, what's Amazon got to do with selling books, eh? Or Moonpig with greetings cards (that might not mean anything to non-Brits, but Brits will know the name from the incredibly annoying TV advert...)?

I've found something called the "positive rest" exercise in some old books, it seems to have been all the rage circa 1982 and I thought it would be all over the internet but it seems to have been forgotten. But it's rather good, so I'm thinking I'll rewrite it in my own words and that might be the first thing I'll record. Oooh, excitingish.

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