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hello everybody. happy Easter to you!

As for my recent thoughts... Trying to find the meaning of life. For the past few years i have just lived in a rush. Studying all the time, doing sports, studying, going out, studying, sleeping, doing sports. Really no time to think about anything. Being single, trying to love single life, living for myself, accepting myself, getting to know myself.

But now im just thinking, like whats the purpose of living all for yourself? Really, the purpose? if i die, my family would cry a while, but then, my parents have each other, my siblings have their families, my friends would easily live without me, so nobody would miss me. its not like im very sad about that, its just how it is. so why should i live, if im not giving any benefit to anybody. now im thinking that travelling is great, but it has no purpose if you have no one to share it with.  what is the purpose of being single, living for myself, traveling, working, hanging out? who cares in the end? like who gives a fuck about my great single life? ithink nobody. i dont think it is really worth living a life like that.

maybe somebody would say that i will meet a special someone, have family and kinds and life will have a meaning. but sometimes i think, maybe the plans and thoughts i had when little wont come true. maybe i wont get married and wont have children? it is possible. and then my life wont have a purpose?

i agree, that love is the real meaning. i love my family, my parents also love me. but that should come as a default setting. it  sometimes doesn't, but c'mon, kids are meant to fly away from their parents nest and build their own lives, not manage problems they had with parents or childhood all their lives. meeting someone out of your family and falling in love, loving and accepting is the real thing. but maybe im not built for that. why? that is another blog post, i doubt someone would like to read that much.

so anyway, who read all this, i would be happy just to hear any thoughts on this topic and topics around this.

bye byee!

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Comment by Sunny Side Up on March 31, 2013 at 12:20pm

You get to decide what your purpose in life is. Ultimately whatever will make you happy. Some people find happiness in time with family, some people want to help others, some people want to have a lot of money and all it affords. What makes you happy? Just because life will go on when you die does not mean that your life is meaningless. Life must go on after someone dies. But it seems like what you really want is to have a partner. I think that is ok. My kids give my life meaning and purpose but what I really want is a partner. That is what makes me most happy. I hope and pray I will have it one day. In the mean time, I have to try to be happy without a partner. I have other things to be happy about. And really, all the love we need is already inside of us (so they say) so I am trying to tap into that. But the end goal is to meet someone. We can be on that journey together. Namaste.

Comment by Jennifer Elizabeth on March 31, 2013 at 1:37am

ah, the "purpose of life" question! always a fun one. i think we are so conditioned by society's default purpose of life that it clouds each individual's authentic purpose. as a recently single gal i understand the feeling of wanting a partner and children to share your experiences with...but even when i had the partner there was still something inside me that felt so empty...i could go on about all that but to answer your question...

i believe the purpose of life is dynamic not static. it changes as we change and shift and evolve. i don't think any one of us comes in with "a" purpose we have multiple purposes that we fulfill or not as life changes. maybe now you are in the place where sharing your experiences with another is your purpose...but just remember it doesn't stop there!

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