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What I've done towards getting slimmer so far

Well, here I am working on getting into shape.

OK here is what I've done so far.  I did stair climbing yesterday & the day before in the park to music on my Iphone & walked to the park & back.  Cut down from five (five!) (I know!) energy drinks (Hey, I have a demanding job!) to three energy drinks a day.  Ate more dried fruit but I think that's helping & making sure I drink water.  And at morning tea time I had coffee but no biscuits. I pretty much ALWAYS eat biscuits that are there. Today I listened to a weight loss hypnosis CD I have. Have looked at a couple of mindmovies on dream body too. I did a few crunchies & leg legs & butt squeezes while watching TV day before yesterday though.  I was given white rice with spicy meat as a thank you gift for something & a slice of cake though as another & yes I did eat them at lunch.  But I actually felt really hungry then.  I found some youtube workouts plus found some on TV (recording today, that's when they play) and I did a 7 minute work out yesterday too a dance one.  It was gospel based but I really enjoyed this & the guy was happy & positive & it was fun. I managed to copy his movements so I'm pleased with myself! 

More changes to come but that is my starting point.  Food runs out (in the fridge) by tomorrow so I will be buying low carb low fat foods at the supermarket but not till then, aint wasting food.  I'm not into cooking but for starters will eat for dinner one of these (varying)

Chicken drumsticks with salad,  Salmon/tuna salad,  eggs and stir fry vegetables.  I don't really know what else.  Usually I have "ready meals" I pop into the microwave but they ALL come with carbs!  (with pasta or potatoes or rice!)  If my supermarket has a kind of meat soup with veg I'm snapping THAT up soon.  

But I am again waiting t

till my bread is finished to stop that. When energy drinks finish, I am replacing with a lower fat, sugar free, lower carb version.

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Comment by Kim Willard on May 11, 2011 at 2:19pm
The book "Skinny Bitch" is really good :) Great for you for what you are doing!

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