The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Whatever you fight against, you give more power to and create more of in your future.

I want to share with you this beatiful article that reminds me to focus on the present and let go my fears and worries.This is my third day and I feel very grateful and blessed. I hope everything is going well for you.

Today remember that what you resist persists. Whatever you fight against, you give more power to and create more of in your future. A Course in Miracles teaches that we create what we defend against, as defending against something is a supporting act of faith for whatever we are defending against. Take any problems that may surface in your day today and instead of letting ego and past pains take over you and place you in discontent resistance, let it become a miracle moment. Become present, accept the moment for what it is and let an inner shift towards love take place. Give your problem to god and proceed with what you are inspired to do. For some guidance you might even ask the popular question, "What would Jesus do?" Or even Buddha for that matter--whatever idea helps you the most. Jesus displayed his knowledge of this concept in the New Testament when he was heckled by argumentative Pharisees and Sadducees who would blatantly attack his teachings in front of many people. Instead of getting defensive and entering an argument, he would often respond by peacefully stating a simple truth that would always leave his attackers at a loss for words. One of my favorite quotes is, "We must enhance the light, not fight the darkness." This is what Jesus did, and what we all can do in any difficult situation. It just requires a simple internal shift. In doing so, we heal our perceptions and release the negative patterns in our life, and instead create new and beautiful ones for our present and future!

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