The 100 Day Reality Challenge

By Ralfee Finn

This week, and the next several weeks, the days grow increasingly long, and while you may think this is related to the position of the Sun as we approach the Vernal Equinox or the beginning of Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, March 14, the "long" I'm talking about isn't about extra sunlight or the actual physical length of the day. I'm talking about Mars, and its preparation to go direct on March 10. Retrograde since December 20, Mars is finally getting ready to move forward. And while its forward motion will be a relief, as Mars moves from behind to ahead, we move into the slow-down that precedes the speed-up, a transitional phase that is sure to be more than slightly discombobulating. On one hand, there is so much excitement about advancement you can almost taste the restoration of a "normal" rhythm. Mars is one of the planets that drive the mechanics of daily life and when it is retrograde all the plans and projects of daily life seem to take much longer to shift from first into second or third gear. On the other hand, pure forward motion is thwarted until at least ten days after Mars goes direct, which means lots of us may find it difficult to strike an appropriate balance between hurry up and wait. In times of transition, it's always advisable to take no unnecessary action. The problem for the next couple of weeks, though, is figuring out what's necessary and what isn't.

Mars is retrograde in Leo, a fiery Sign known for its generosity, but also for its dramatic flare. Mars is the principle of will power, and it symbolizes self-assertion, from anger to aggression to ambition to self-actualization. A forward moving Mars, in Leo, signals self-assurance, as well as passionate creativity. A "backward" moving Mars, in Leo, could provide enough anti-matter to turn generosity into resentment and self-confidence into self-centeredness. As Mars begins its "turn around" lots of people may find it hard to contain their frustration with certain events or circumstances, a condition that easily translates into temper tantrums about anything and everything. I'm not suggesting denial as an antidote, for the next several weeks, but it might be a good idea to wear a thicker skin or any other protective shield that will prevent you from getting sucked into interactions that are intended solely to blow off steam. The release may feel good in the moment, but the outcome could have lasting consequences. Make the effort to stay present and conscious, even if that means avoiding instant gratification.

Fortunately, a Sun/Jupiter conjunction, in Pisces, provides the perfect remedy for Martian angst and volatility, as it continues to support vibrant creative inspiration, as well as generally and genuinely optimistic attitudes. Apply this remedy liberally to any situation in need of compassionate understanding and your kindness will help others to handle the intensity with a happy heart.

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Comment by Marti Mu on February 26, 2010 at 10:03am
Oh this IS interesting. Especially in light of some of the feelings I had yesterday that I'm usually quite able to keep in check. Thanks for posting this!

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