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When You Allow The Universe Always Says….. “Your Wish is My Command” ~ 3 Breakthroughs Thanks to Lisa Nichols

I said YES to the Universe and the Universe Said YES to me :) When you allow and move forward towards your dreams in life the universe says “Your Wish is My Command”…. read on…

Last week I was blown away to hear one of my heroines Lisa Nichols was coming to our community call being interviewed by the one and only Patrick Combs…

Since starting my life of freedom and choice late last year and working with personal development every day some amazing (actually mind blowing) things have shown up in my life. This was one of those Law of Attraction in action moments for me…

It was 4 years ago when I read the Secret and started to open up to new possibilities in my life, at this time Lisa Nichols was a stand out person for me, what she said made SO much sense. Breakthrough 1. I also knew I would meet her one day (& now she has put the community I am part of at the top of her list and will be at more future events… yay!)

No Matter What by Lisa Nichols changed my life after listening to the audio last year whist overcoming a difficult period in my life making the transition from the Corporate world to running my own business at which time I came up against a lot of negative attitudes and prejudice about what I was doing. I knew I could do this No Matter What, I knew I could shake off fears and limiting beliefs and move forward towards the life I desired no matter what others thought or how nervous I was. Breakthrough 2.

Transformational Tuesday with Lisa BLEW my mind and I know it affected many many people on the call, it’s hard to put into words how powerful this call was. All I will say is Breakthrough 3! BINGO!

This is it!

We can all be the most magnificent versions of ourselves if we just allow it to happen and move forward.

I am currently working on manifesting a recorded version of this interview in case you missed it so will be posting it out soon :)

So onto todays BLOW my mind LOA in action moment… After Lisa’s call I thought how nice it would be to hear from someone else from The Secret and John Asseraf popped to mind…. You know whats coming next…lol ;)

JOHN ASSERAF is our next guest on Transformational Tuesday…. WHOo hoo! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited I am struggling to hold back dancing around my lounge for the rest of the day…lol

Talk about being in the universal flow….

Keep em’ coming genie of the universe, my wish is your command :)

Details of Johns Interview to follow here on my blog ~ subscribe and keep in touch ~ under the Free Coaching Section....

I have also started a group on here Called Be Inspired! Transformational Tuesday where I will be posting details of our weekly guests :) Join in :) Transform Your Life!

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Comment by Sarah A Cole on July 17, 2010 at 8:51am
Make that "THANK YOU LIZ!!!" I need that cup of coffee this morning. LOL!
Comment by Sarah A Cole on July 17, 2010 at 8:49am
Thank you Lisa for this post this morning! So inspiring and I really look forward to the recording of Lisa's phone interview. Also the Asserof one that's coming up! You rock sister!!! xxx


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