The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Where I am so far since October & what's in the pipeline. (Yes I KNOW it's ALL in the pipeline!)

OK so far these are good things that have happened and good
things in the pipeline.

Good things that have happened with travel: I went to Egypt
in April & saw Alexandria, re-visited Sharm El Sheikh &
Cairo and Ismailia. I have booked a holiday for three days
in Brussels which will include seeing the carpet of flowers.

In the pipeline: Trip to Zurich and or Barcelona and or
Stockholm - depending on what happens with the business.
Also, hubby & I talked about Barcelona & Dubai.

Good things that have happened with friends: I started my
group in October and there are 19 members online. I have
generated a lot of interest, including some overseas!
Meetups HAVE been positive & uplifting & we've attracted a
good calibre of people into law of attraction. I got to go
to the Mind Body Spirit show which I kept meaning to & I
loved it. Re-connected online with D, A, and S. Also
contacted L. We nearly met twice but both times it didn't
suit me but we WILL meet & had a lovely uplifting chat about
LOA yesterday. Lots of online friends on PI, facebook & two
other forums. Two - three international contacts I may meet
up with face to face in their countries. Or some of them
may come to London. I have signed up for two meet ups with
two other groups that sound real fun. Met G who is into LOA
& Abe & she is amazing & wants to meet up too. Have
expressed interest in doing processes with previous members
of other group - all are great, positive people.
In the pipeline: See above. Meeting up with more of these
Good things financially: Well in October, hubby was given
£5000 to start a new furniture showroom in Egypt. It is
gorgeous, he is loving it and getting some clients & work
there. I attracted two new necklaces, a puzzle book, some
food etc. & £100 towards travels.
In the pipeline: Hopefully a deal with this company who have
a product we like and so far might be interested in
producing it in Egypt. Also, I have presents on the way
from my home country AND from Egypt!
Good things in career: Told boss I want to quit July next
year, told colleagues closest to me. Started life coaching
course in mid Feb & done three modules, started on the
fourth, read info for 5 and the two course books. Made 2
websites & have info on html & where to get training in
other codes online. Started email addresses for coaching &
webdesign for info for me. Got a free website & started on
it. Found out more info re supply agencies (contacted them
but they said it's too soon) & did creche work for a parent,
so that's a non-school job in time that COULD give me a 2nd
reference. And more work, hopefully paid.
In the pipeline: Leaving end of July next year. Will
continue with coaching course, after that learn html
properly. Later on will do CELTA. Found 2 coaching
circles. Will go to them later, MAY go to free life coaching
weekend & NLP one if avail. Someone asked me to send them a demo (singing) don't even know how to get one made but I'll figure something out. Also a bit later on, when I've quit my job & studied those other things: I plan to learn card making (which I'm not bad at) origami, and start learning languages. Used to be able to speak some French. Want to learn: French, Arabic, Italian & Japanese - step by step! And MAYBE scrap booking. And MAYBE writing. YUMMY stuff AND I want to learn a travel program (have one in mind) cos I'm quite well travelled & good at link a to b & think I could possibly be good at this. I haven't ruled out tour guide but I'm not sure about that. ALTHOUGH I want to do supply teaching for long as I need to, to help support me. Well, summer times are quiet AND that is when tour guides usually work so..! I'm also open to holiday camp & hotel kids' club work till the other things take off. Aw heck I just realised I wanna learn reiki too & healing - but I know someone who can teach me the healing part. YAY SO much to look forward to!

Dream body: In the pipeline: Am quitting caffeine this
summer hol or at least reducing, replacing with green
smoothies, have started buying fruit smoothies from shop.

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