The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Even if you don't believe it there is some part of the world that wants you, and needs you

While living at home and trying to get through college I have been thinking about this a lot. Its not always easy to go against the flow and have no friends in Wisconsin. I tend to go through these emotions almost every day that make me feel as if Im not here for a purpose, but, if that were true I wouldn't be here on this earth today!

I believe that there is a purpose for things happening that is preparing each person for where they are needed either now or in the future. The world is still a place in repair. I feel as if the more people go to their center to find their life purpose that they can work on daily, then the faster humanity will come out of this place of being stagnant, and the closer humanity will come to experiencing one heart under God.

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Comment by krunal parmar on March 24, 2012 at 1:44am
Really TRUE post!!!

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