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Who places VALUE on things for us to believe?

Jesus could do nothing of himself - give, receive, change, or bring forth - neither can you. With the new consciousness of the Inner Presence he could do all things, even give when he apparently had nothing to give, and could ask for out of the want of another. "My ways are not your ways." As soon as you find this out you will stop trying to do the works of God through the limited conscious thinking. You can neither give nor receive through this limited sense. When you do give you are at once decreasing your substance, and you expect something to be given in return. When you give from the Father consciousness, you immediately experience the increase taking place. The value of the manifestation is determined not by anything in itself, but by your relationship to it. A piece of coal and a diamond are equally precious to the Mind of God. You determine just what the value of them will be in the man-made markets of the world. Do you begin to see how it is that the value has been wrongly placed, and that just as soon as you see where the credit, honor, and power belong you will find yourself at the beginning of wisdom? – Walter C. Lanyon



I spend some of time thinking, contemplating about VALUE of THINGS.


Will I be able to convey my thoughts about what I believe to be a VERY IMPORTANT SUBJECT in this blog…. I am not sure.


But I think we should make NO MISTAKE that the value we ALL place on ANYTHING has a direct IMPACT on our lives.


Life is BELIEF…. It is ALL BELIEF…. And in my opinion NOTHING BUT BELIEF.


Therefore who told you what THINGS are worth?




If someone were to try and reason with me that things are appropriately valued ALL THEY WOULD PROVE TO ME is that they are appropriately valued TO THEM…. But NOT ME.


This is a deeper subject than I can even reflect on at this point but I do know that by my SIMPLE ACT of placing value on ANYTHING is my giving power to THAT THING over me.


The mind is more powerful than any of us can probably imagine…. But just to KNOW that it is powerful gives us a chance to know HOW TO USE IT.


For example…. As far as our reasoning mind is concerned there is a difference between giving something to someone and THINKING we are giving it to someone.


To our subconscious mind…… there is no difference…. II it believes it to be TRUE.


Now if our subconscious mind believes something to be true it will make it real in our world…


Which (I feel like a whole book could be devoted to this subject) is VERY IMPORTANT to understand. It is really a fascinating CONCEPT if you give it a little thought.


Anyone that looks at the WORLD… the world WITHOUT as the cause of everything would not be able to understand this.


It is for those that see the world WITHIN…. The world of THOUGHT and FEELING as the ONLY CAUSE of our life’s experiences that would get this.


Imagine living in a world where the ONLY VALUE on ANYTHING isd the VALUE YOU place on something. Not the value I put on it or the government puts on it or your friends…but YOU… YOU are in charge of placing value on EVERYTHING.


Why isn’t everything worth 1 penny? Why? We live in a world of belief… this is TRUE… so why do you take other peoples word that a car is worth $60,000 or a home is worth $5 million?


Why? I repeat myself here… we live in a world of BELIEF… it is what YOU believe that affects YOUR LIFE… so in effect others are telling you that you have to work for this and that, you have to pay the price WE ESTABLISHED…. You have to live in OUR WORLD…


Really? Do I? Why? Who said we do?


Do they know how our minds work? Do they know that circumstances change when we PERCEIVE life to be different? Do they KNOW that as I change my beliefs and feelings that different things happen in MY LIFE? Is EVERYONE aware of this phenomenon? Do they know that if I think a car is worth a penny I would find it 1 BILLION times easier to manifest in my life…. Because I HAVE A PENNY… and that car is worth a penny… so wouldn’t it be easier to BELIEVE that I ALREADY HAVE IT… thus manifesting it?


Of COURSE it would.


Little mind tricks…. That’s ALL IT IS.


We MUST convince our subconscious mind of OUR TRUTH…. not what others tell us is the truth…. and as we do our lives WILL CHANGE. Amazing… it truly is.


I can hear echoes of people saying that isn’t reality? It isn’t? Says WHO? It may not be a PHYSCIAL reality…. BUT… I promise you it IS the reality of our MINDS… and how they function.


Even some of the greatest minds in today’s world may argue that concept? Why? Because they do not know how our minds work? They know other things… but they probably do not know that our minds are attracting to us WHAT WE BELIEVE TO BE TRUE.


I think back on my life and how if I said this when I was 20 people would have called me nuts… now I KNOW with every fiber of my BEING that what I am saying is TRUE.


I still go on functioning in the world that I helped create by my past feelings… but slowly but SURELY I change my beliefs….. I PLACE VALUE on everything.


THAT is how I have climbed up the ladder of success in my own life… by having MY OWN SET OF BELIEFS… and not those of OTHERS.


Do I broadcast my beliefs for all to hear and rip to shreds? NO, NO, NO… we hold these beliefs within ourselves in SECRECY, SILENTLY … that is how we make the OUR subconscious beliefs… and once they become subconscious beliefs our world will soon start to reflect it.


So I can hear the question…. Will everything then become a penny? No…. if that would have been one of your questions then you are missing the principle at work here which is seeing within our mind VALUE that we place on things so that we can get the feeling of having it.


If the VALUE of something in our mind is something we already have in our possession such as a penny then it is easier to get that FEELING of already having it.


So quit accepting values that other people place on things and YOU place the value… and then YOU see it in YOUR possession.


This is ONE of MANY TRICKS to help us get that FEELING of having which we KNOW is how we manifest THINGS…..


In order to get the subconscious to believe something that ALL OUTSIDE events tell us is a lie SOMETIMES it helps to TRICK our own kind into believing it…. and if we are successful we will see our lives transformed into the life we desire.

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Comment by David on June 30, 2011 at 2:10pm
You're welcome Snigdha! The more power our mind believes it has over things the more power it will HAVE over things. How great is that? It all starts with a BELIEF.....
Comment by Snigdha Jain on June 30, 2011 at 1:56pm
Awesome!!!!! :) It makes so much sense... something to think about definitely! Thank you David!


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