The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So much judgement goes on! Who am I to ______? What will people say? Am I holding a standard that I need to keep? Is this really where I am headed? OH AND THE BIGGEST OF THEM ALL... Is this good enough??? I found myself discovering a lot of resistance in beginning my new Season here. It just seems that the more I learn about self improvement, self discovery, goal setting, living and coaching the good life, and manifesting goals-The more I found myself wanting to be perfect at everything. I resisted blogging about my journey because I wanted to make sure that I didn't fail at anything. That all of my goals were met with pure success and ease. That my intentions would magically manifest in front of my eyes within a mere second almost seeming to be magical. And while- honestly-many of them do and pretty often. BUT I was forgetting one major important factor. I had to let go of the RESISTANCE! I had to let go of the JUDGEMENT!  And realize.. HELLO! I'M HUMAN!  It is so easy to get caught in wanting to apply everything that you learn, and the one moment we make a mistake, have a bad day, forget to meditate, have a cookie, don't exercise, etc... WE BECOME OUR OWN WORST CRITIC! We blame it that people are going to judge us, but really we are just judging ourselves. After all, it is our own thoughts and emotions that create our reality right?? There are going to be times when we fall. There are going to be learning curves. There are going to be lessons learned. We have to realize the beauty and power within us, and pick ourselves up and shine!

So, first lesson learned! I am not perfect in the way of having to hold to this picture or status that I may have falsely created in my mind! I am perfect just the way I am! I am perfectly aligned with the Universe in a way that I am able to see my challenges and obstacles as a growing opportunity. I am authentic, whole and complete! and... Who's judging??? Right???

Sending you all lots and lots of Love... Always!!

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Comment by Love! on January 28, 2015 at 1:39am

So true Nature Lover! Thank you for commenting :)

Comment by NATURE LOVER on January 27, 2015 at 3:31pm

Hello Love !

I put my attention about this sentence that you said : (

After all, it is our own thoughts and emotions that create our reality right?? There are going to be times when we fall. )

Sometimes it's a bit sad cause when we fall and the down moment occur ,  we feel like if we have some kinda veil on the top of our head who prevents us to see the true reality !  

Indeed our thougths are alive !   sometimes , one day , two days or a week , a month , a year... whatever  the time needed !  soon or later ... thoughts become reality !

It is so true !   But I remarked that the more stronger we become , the shorter our down moment will be !

Have a wonderful day !   

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