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Letting go and making a new effort to see the positive out of someone is way better than caring the resentment of un-obtained promises. Finally reached out to my cousin in a chance to let go and move on. Now I no longer feel uneasy about him or the lack of connection with the dude. People have there own lives and I have my own. I am grateful for forgiveness.

Moving on in life is quite a task when you are looking for new work but receive zero phone calls back. Still busy working on projects for other people. But it would be great to earn money from the work I am providing. Friends get discounts, I guess. Video editing and crowdfunding work for people is helping me learn new skills so I am grateful.

Now that winter is coming, I am gearing up for a new wardrobe and shoes. Last winter I was new to snow and not quite prepared for the cold air bursting into my face. This year I plan on being a lot more cozy. Soon I will be shuffling back and forth from my new jobs.

Peace- Stacey

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