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Wonder where life is taking me now

Well, this has certainly been a crazy start to the New Year, and not what I was expecting. Interesting developments at my workplace - they are making 6 jobs redundant and are replacing them with 5 new ones. My job is one of the 6 and at present I don't think I'll want to apply for one of the 5 replacement jobs - I was about to start looking for new jobs anyway and the new roles at where I work are going to involve some things I don't want to do.

So if I do become redundant, I will probably have a maximum of 60 days left where I work. I am not worried at the moment. Maybe this is an opportunity to do something different. Maybe it could be an opportunity to move somewhere else. I haven't got to thinking about things properly yet, it was only 2 days ago that the announcement was made, but my first thoughts are that I may look and see what jobs are in London as I believe it could be easier to find work there, I wouldn't want to live in London itself but there are places not that far away that I may want to live. But I'm just summising at the moment. I could potentially look all over the country.

So there's a bit of uncertainly going on at the moment, my landlord has put his house on the market and there was a viewing today (well, I assume so as long as it didn't get cancelled due to snow) and I am hoping to be out of the house before too long.

I am on Day 87 at the moment, this season has been quite a strange one, I haven't got that far with writing but at the moment I might do a bit more poetry and see where that takes me.

Love to all xxxx

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Comment by Kevin on May 2, 2013 at 10:38am

hey andy, it's kev, i hope things are going well for you man and that they have turned for the best!

Comment by Gloria Bolton on March 27, 2013 at 10:13pm
Hey Andy! Haven't seen anything recent from you but I hope all is well. This is certainly an opportunity to move forward, and I hope to hear more about your developments soon. Love and Light!
Comment by Raizel on January 28, 2013 at 8:31am

Wow. Sounds like the changes you've been wanting are actually coming. Sounds like a good thing as you didn't seem very happy with your current job anyhow, so hopefully it's for the best!

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