The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I was listening to a talk by Dr Wayne Dyer last night where he discussed his top 10 practices to improve your life. They are truly wonderful and I want to share them.

1. Have a mind that is open to everything, but attached to nothing.
2. You cant give away what you dont have (love, joy, peace).
3. There are no justified resentments.
4. Do not assign blame to anyone for anything.
5. Don't die with your music inside you.
6. Embrace silence.
7. Give up your personal history (live in the present).
8. You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it.
9. Treat yourself as though you were already what you want to be.
10. Trust divinity.

Such wise words. His speach was on YouTube. 7 parts, each 10 minutes long, but so worth a listen. He is such a wise man, always speaking thought provoking, soul touching words. Thank you Dr Dyer for reminding us of what we know in our hearts but cant generally hear over the noise of day to day life. I have put a lot of thought in to your words and will continue to explore these thoughts and practices deeper.

I want to express my joy and gratitude for this beautiful day. It was sun and sparkly and magical. The seagulls are flying above me on this perefct January day. I also want to that the man who came to clean my mattress on a Saturday, as I couldnt be here to meet him on a weekday. Thank you to the very nice man who helped me in the pens store and the medical crew that came to assist the disabled man who fell on the street.

I am very excited to see my friends tonight! A girls night out with my two friends I rarely get to see. YAY!

I am feeling very much in love with H. I miss him so much and I am very much looking forward to getting back on track with him. He is such a wonderful, dedicated, hard working man and I love him so much. I am going to get ready early so I can go and bring him dinner at the office tonight. I hope that will make him smile and power him through the night. I love you H. HC

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