The 100 Day Reality Challenge

The I, the part you must look at,

The VOICE that speaks to it’s self

The I that solves the problems

When the I feels afraid

The I must control

The I must oversee

The I must allow the order

The I must maintain in charge

The I may feel hurt

The I may feel left out’

The I is super fast and reaches out well farther than the eyes can see

The I can permeate all energies with an emergency call, like the fire department

The I is mostly sad, as it looks or pain for which to work

The I is mostly unhappy, because that has been its office

The I has been built up overtime to be an amazing force

The I tries to keep me safe, but the I keeps me imprisoned in the past, which no longer exists

True self knows there is no begging and end, true self knows there is no shame or blame, true self knows that just being here is good enough, true self knows that value is not material or monetary, true self knows the value of the vibration is the real reality

I pray with all my heart and soul to become more and more aware of the I and true self, and give the I more vacation days, so true self can grow to become more present

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