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WOW!!!!! Gratitude Works!!! I'm so Grateful!!!

NO SOONER had I posted my last blog (Flat Out and Fed Up!!) then the phone rang.

Literally, as soon as I had hit "publish post...."

On the phone was a really nice gal, Trish, who I am becoming friends with, whose son is in my son's Kindergarten class. She wanted to know if my son wanted to come spend the afternoon with her son today (there is no school). I am nearly in tears at her kindness, she knew I am feeling sick and said her son would love the company anyway.

We were going to have Colin visit them while my husband and I went to a Parent-Teacher conference this afternoon, but as I am staying home now, we left her a message saying we would keep Colin home with me.

I was feeilng sorry that Colin would have to spend the day inside, bored, what with me in bed. My wish got heard, Colin gets to have some fun after all!!!

I have been feeling sorry for myself, being sick, and low energy so much lately, but I turned it around and found some Gratitude today (see my blog). And Gratitude always opens a door. Always.

Thanks Universe, thanks GRATITUDE, you rock! :-)

Clarissa xxx

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Comment by Stephanie on January 19, 2009 at 11:07pm
That is awesome!
Comment by Robin Amy Bass on November 26, 2008 at 11:31pm
I am writng this from my bed! I did that mundane task...cleaned the keyboard...and added a Xanga entry. Now for my Pecan Pie.Thanks for your comment...have a wonderful Thanksgiving


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