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OK, IMovie will start working today, perfectly and always! At some point 2day or tom, I will start my video blogs. (had to put it out there ;) ) I'm so excited, I want you to experience my excitement too!!!

Can I just say WOW, what a start!!! Last Saturday, 11/27/10, I had spent the entire day thinking of my goals, so I decided to do the 100 day challenge starting on 12/1/10 but I invited a girlfriend over to do it with me, the power of 2 or more! We sat at the kitchen table with a laptop, lots of blank papers and pens and started writing away, excitedly speaking out loud of our dreams, goals and aspirations, it was so much fun. We felt like 5 year old kindergartners at play, laughing and giggling the entire time. We kept imagining, wow, if this really works, if our goals really do come true, WOW, we kept repeating, thinking and feeling the joy of the possibilities becoming realities.

Well, literally, as soon as I put my pen down, things started happening, I MEAN AS SOON AS I PUT MY PEN DOWN, and yeah, guess what, I have a witness!!! My girlfriend, boy, was she speechless and absolutely dumbfounded. One of the goals I wrote was to be in a fulfilling committed relationship. I knew that in order for this to transpire I would have to be focused on committing to cleaning and clearing my past, and peacefully and lovingly letting go of the men I was dating that were not "the one" and at the same time being truly committed to "letting go" of letting "the one" in. The essence of my being was so focused on allowing this while I was writing and I was so committed to having this happen that I believe it was what became the catalyst for what happened next...

Crazy enough, my phone started ringing off the hook with men I knew I had to let go of. My girlfriend sat there stunned as one by one I had a loving conversation with each of them. Some were angry, some were kind, some were sad but they all understood. Then I called and had a conversation and complete clearing with my ex-boyfriend, of whom I had still kept in close contact and had somewhat of a disjointed relationship with despite its unhealthy and toxic nature.

And, like magic later that night around 11:00 pm I received a long distance phone call from one of the guys I was dating that I REALLY liked (he had left the country earlier that week and interestingly enough had been calling 2-3 times a day), I had felt such a deep connection with him from the moment I first saw him but was fighting the feeling due to my lack of commitment, out of fear of being hurt or rejected. I was more consumed with having fun, remaining detached and like the others I refused to take him seriously and he knew it. That very night, 5 hours after I wrote my goals for this 100 day challenge, he asked me to be in a fully committed relationship, he expressed how he thought "I was the woman of his dreams" and how he wanted to be a serious part of my life, if not he would regretfully, have to say goodbye. He didn't want to play games and he was ready to make me happy in the ways I wanted and needed! I said yes, yes, yes and now I cannot wait until he gets home! He gets here Saturday, December 4th, 2010!!!


I cannot begin to describe the feeling that washed over me when he called to tell me all that he said, I started crying, I could not help or control it. My girlfriend, who decided to spend the night and was sleeping on the couch across from my bed watched everything in absolute awe...

After I hung up, all I could say was " but wait, it's not even December 1st, the 100 days has not started..." (HA!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah, right, yeah right!)

Be very careful what you wish for, it REALLY does come TRUE!!!

I am so thankful to CCOR, the beautiful ladies that began on this journey and to all of you, whom by reading this may be inspired to powerfully co-create your reality and by doing so become supportive of me and the many, many, many others who will be inspired by your dreams coming true!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I am so abundantly blessed and in deep appreciation.

Have a fantastic day, full of miracles and smiles.....

Zandra Rivera

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Comment by SeamusO on December 7, 2010 at 11:03am
oh my lord this is fabulous writing here! This is so inspiring!!! I HAVE TO TRY THIS! Seems like the simplest thing to write your dreams! Woogohoo you are too cool!
Comment by Zandra Rivera on December 2, 2010 at 3:03pm
Thank You Kevin,
I'm excited to hear about what transpires for you on your quest for absolute fulfillment and blessing us with our music! It is wonderful to be surrounded by love and support, I would love to be that for you!
Love Light Prosperity
Comment by Kevin on December 2, 2010 at 2:34pm
Hello Zandra, Thank you so much for posting your amazing experience here for us to read. I am so grateful to have come upon this. I actually feel really connected with where you are at right now because I'm soon to be looking to meet some fellow friends who are musicians to help co-create our dreams, and I can see that through your experience, when you were specifically knowing what you wanted in your life, you were able to make such a shift in your being that allowed it to come in! You became aware through your brainstorming and other practice that you had to be up front with those people who it just wasn't going to work out with and go ahead for who you truly desired - which is awesome. so thank you for confirming it for me and being such a Light to all of us!

I honor the spirit in you that is within me too


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