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Ok. I admit that I am a bit ignorant on this 11.11 thing but when it seems to start happening you... well it kinda makes you go "WTF!? if up with that!?"

Since watching Lilou's video about starting a new season on January 1, 2012 I have had this 11.11 popping up every where. It either comes as "11 11" or "111". It all started with a comment I got on a YouTube video of mine and it was posted at 11:11 pm until the latest incident of looking at the clock yesterday and having it say, "1:11 pm"!

Now I am clueless about the 11 11 thing. It has never been something that struck me as something I wanted to know about, and to be honest, I put my Ms. Skeptic hat on about the whole thing while having a giggle about it. But after watching the video Lilou posted on December 23, and making the decision to STOP running from committing to something that will make my hellish nightmare of a life better.... I am having this 11 11 thing happen every frickin' day! LOL 

So my intention for the day is to finally do a little reading on the 11 11 thing and make peace with it.


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Comment by Rita on January 1, 2012 at 6:01am

Thank you both! It has given me some "food for thought"... and at least it gives me a starting place to learning about all of this. :)


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