The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Yeahhh my grandmothers operation when well...

Iam so happy my grandmothers operation went well, it manifest. Acually things manifests too fast for me so I have to slow down a bit and focus on what's inportant, and right now I am so happy. Becose every day, I am getting more and more intouch with myself, I see more love, and u you do bring about what u think about.

I will be honest, before (in the past) somethings had happend to me so I got all negative and angry with god, and the universe. I feelt they treated me bad, and gave everybody else what THEY wanted!!! But one day I thought this is so stupid, I wanna find myself again and be happy, loving and a fun spirit.I've always known that "The secret" works (should we call it that, it's not a secret anymore) And I wished to find a place where people belived in what I belive (becose my boyfriend did not belive in this way of being) and woooops there I found Lilou's pace on youtube, And now I am here. YEAH. So now Iam so contempt eventhough my cat peed all over the bed when we got home ;)

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