The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Yesterday I manifested an awesome tool for my business

Dear cocreators!


It is just amazing how things unfold once we take decision to go for our most inner passion,

I was reading what I stated at the beginning of this season with the things that I'm co-creating and it is much more than money. 

I've been guided by my Angels to start my own business, and as my partners in prosperity I receive messages about what's the name of my business and all tools I can use in my practice!


Yesterday was really awesome!  I received an email from the teacher of the Secret Joe Vitale about one promotion of a PhD in NLP who had a practitioner course in a very low price and I was thinking WOW opportunities just flow!! It doesn't matter if you have money or not, they come and are there to be used when the Universe send it from your heart. I was thinking some time ago in that tool to combine it with other techniques I have in mind and the opportunity just appeared!!


So here I'm, designing my business, getting my ideas flow and waiting with lots of expectations my accountant, in order to know how to open my business very soon!


Life is Good!!, 


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