The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day one or shall i say one and a half jsut got home from working around 16hr put in, gotta love it , i love to push my body to the extreme because it makes me stringer and i feel like i can accomplish so much once i have endured much, sound weird but i love it, any way, got to embalm to individuals which is pushing me that much closer to the end, just need 7 more cases, should be getting that done quick. I am going to this motivational speech thing with big speakersfrom across the US and a positive thing happen with that, long exsplanation so i'll save myself the energy...any ways it is 4:36 am and i minus weel not go to sleep because i am to leave at 6:45...blah well another positive thing i realized was not worrying or focusing on a particular situation going on with my friends i found it joyyyous not to dwell on it and plan to no more. well to this 1st day of my season it has been great more great things occured but they are small things to others and big to me, big and i am not going to take the time to write them, well sleep is wishing i would have talked with her tonight....gud morning

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