The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Intuition is a very simple and complex human sense like taste. It is our birthright like air and many are reconnecting to it. Most books, classes and teachers don't tell you that it starts in the heart.....( where science has "discovered" there are more brain neurons than in the brain!). Intuition always starts with truly opening our heart to the hope and belief that things CAN be better even if they are not now. Intuition IS co-creation....and you have a right to it!

I am so honored to work for Hay House Radio Host, Mark Husson on As an empathic psychic & Astrological Adviser I get to assist people in understand their lives right now! Understanding the hidden details of your life is balance and strength. Strengthening your self knowledge is co-creation.


With LOVE for Humanity and Each and Every One of Us!


Adviser ID# 72893



Oh there is a big sale today, Sunday July 31, 2011 from noon to 6 pm Pacific Time!

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