The 100 Day Reality Challenge

(Paramahamsa Nithyananda in his morning message – Sat, Oct 23, 2010)

Today’s subject is, “Your thoughts and emotions can alter your DNA”.

I have some of the beautiful shaastra pramaanas; of course, modern-day shaastra pramaanaas by some of the scientists.

Human emotions can reprogram your DNA and shape your immune system.

Scientist Daniel Winters and his team found proof that human emotions can reprogram your DNA and shape your immune system.

The whole NSP (4-day Nithyananda Spurana Program) is proved with this one statement. NSP is all about reprogramming your emotions: removing your
fear, removing your useless, tiring desires. Please understand, the
desires which make you tired are “agamya”. Tiring! They are not going to
give you any fulfillment; they are not going to bring any joy to you;
they are not going to bring any happiness to you; they are not going to
bring any bliss to you; tiredness, the emotions which bring tiredness to
you. The desires which bring tiredness to you are “agamya”.

Understand, if you are suffering with diabetes, the imbalance of samana, you are
suffering with desires and thoughts which are not going to bring
fulfillment to you. I can connect every emotion, every thing to the
major diseases which people suffer. Fear is responsible for blood
pressure. Constant fear raises the blood pressure.

I have seen, even in my system, whenever the body falls into the…..beyond the sixth
level of Samadhi, the body’s innate survival system…..see, any muscle
memory, matter has an innate intention to survive and function. When the
body falls into the sixth level of samadhi, beyond sixth level,
immediately that gets awakened, the blood pressure will go up. I have
seen, it sometimes goes up to 160! Or in three seconds, when it gets
down from the sixth level to the fifth level…..over! It will be just
110/70! Directly connected.

If your survival instinct is constantly challenged, blood pressure goes up.

If you are constantly suffering with the desires which make you tired –
agamya – the ideas which make you tired – agamya – diabetes, blood sugar

If you are constantly suffering with the shrinking idea…..please understand, shrinking means guilt; guilt is
shrinking…..shrinking ideas are responsible for arthritis.

If you are suffering with the memories of physical, mental, emotional pain,
that is directly responsible for your relationships, unable to expand
your life and the identity you feel. Please understand, some emotional
pain if it is carried strongly in your system, you will stop expanding.

I tell you, life is to connect with more and more people who are in tune
with your ideas. If your ideas are too strong, if the common man is not
able to connect with your ideas, then create a system through which
people can understand your ideas. Either be a friend or be a leader;
never be a follower.

If you have people who connect with your ideas, create a beautiful team around you, a community, as a friend.
Just share your ideas with people. You will naturally attract people who
are in sync with your ideas; you will have a beautiful community,
create a beautiful community.

Never live in a community where you are not feeling comfortable, happy, in tune with the ideas. That is
death. That is death. Leave that community; it will be good for you and
that community.

I always tell people, if you are not able to feel connected, settled, put your efforts to settle with the community I
am creating. If you are not able to, better leave; it is good for you
and the community. Wherever you go you may have your own understanding;
and for that you will have your own few friends, and a few people, a few
team; perfect! Be happy; that’s all! This is creating a community out
of friendliness.

Sometimes, your experiences, ideas are so strong, the common man may not be able to connect with it. Then create a
beautiful system and share the truths with people; it will become
experience to them. That is what is being a leader. Being a leader!

So, whatever way it may be, go on expanding. That is life. That is life.
Shrinking means, unable to expand; means, carrying intense pain engrams,
pain samskara.

So, each session of the NSP is the experience, of this truth. This truth says, your human emotions can reprogram your
DNA and shape your immune system.

When these emotions are removed, these unnecessary emotions and samskaras are removed, your DNA
is reprogrammed; immediately your immune system also gets shaped. That
is why, people walk out of chronic diseases, deadly diseases, incurable,
long-term diseases; diseases which need long-term drugs and therapy,
even from those diseases, people, just like that, walk out! Why?

I have seen, thousands of people walking out of cancer in NSP. Just four
days! At least a few thousands I have seen walking out of cancer! And
ninety percent of the people who attend the program, I have seen,
walking out of depression! Ninety percent walking out of depression! The
remaining ten percent does not want to walk out…..because they have too
much of vested interest in their depression! I have seen! People love
suffering sometimes! They like suffering so much, it becomes second
nature for them. Almost like feeling comfortable! You see, in certain
postures you feel very comfortable. That’s why you sit like this.
Because it makes you feel very comfortable. That cozy feeling. So
depression also gives you a kind of psychological, cozy feeling. And
without that you feel you are stiff, or aloof, or missing something.
That is where depression gets rooted.

So understand, every session that we are dong in NSP is to make you experience the removal of
unnecessary engrams, samskaras and emotions, and reprogramming your
system in such a way that you live in a high, evolved state of
consciousness, so that your DNA can be reprogrammed and your immune
system can be strengthened. Of course, the same thing happens at a
deeper level in Inner Awakening, our twenty-one day program.

Scientific studies have proven that no matter how babies are fed, when they lack
the caressing and loving touch of the mother, they could eventually die.
The loving acts of the mother are sent directly down to the DNA.

Wow! This proves the big question: Why hugging?

A mother just gave you birth, to your body, even her hug……surely, in all
your mothers, all the twelve strands of DNA are not awakened; may be,
one…..or two…..even her hug can directly go to your DNA! Then just
imagine the Cosmic Mother whose all twelve strands of DNA are awakened
and alive body…..what the hug of a Master can do?! The hug of a Master!

People again and again ask me, why hug? I learnt this habit of hugging from
Raghupathi Yogi. I have seen…..really I have seen, when people come to
him…..he is a real weird yoga guru…..sometimes people will come to him
who are 100 kgs, 120 kgs…..he will not even look them up and down
completely even once.

He will simply tell them, ‘Do sirshasana!’

Means, standing upside down! The poor guy….standing directly itself is a big
job for him! Impossible for him (to do sirshasana)!

He (Raghupathi Yogi) will not even look at the guy…..but just put his head down and say, ‘Hey! Do sirshasana’!

And he has two or three assistants, very wild-looking yamadhootas
(messengers of the God of Death). Literally yamadhootas! They will look
like yamadhootas only!

He will tell them ‘Hey! Help them to do!’

Means what? Just hold them upside down! Not help them and all! Just make it happen!

And those yamadhootas will just tie that fellow’s legs and just hold him
upside down. That’s all! In two minutes, that fellow does not know where
he has come from and where he has landed and what is happening to him!
And he will be standing upside down and seeing the Arunachaleshwara
Temple tower upside down! Sometimes, they will get into that panic
mood…..whether they are turned upside down or the temple is turned
upside down they will not even know! Because they will be just
completely shaken. All their survival instincts will be completely
awakened. And frightened! I have seen, I can remember even now, some of
those people’s faces. Like a frightened baby they will be! And some will
shake their whole body, ‘No, no, no! We can’t do sirshasan!’

You will be shocked! Really, I am telling you, he (Raghupathi Yogi) will
just call them and give them one hug. He is a lean guy…..lean, short
guy…..may be five feet. And it is almost like an initiation.

One hug he will give; then he will tell his yamadhootas, ‘Hey! Back out! Leave him!’

Literally in those two-three seconds, the shivering (of the guys who are being
made to stand upside down in sirshasana) will settle down; they will
become balanced; they will be very calm; just they will stand upside
down! The whole process will be finished, may be, in thirty seconds!
That’s all!

I am telling you…..the physical proof, power of a yogi’s hug, physical proof…..just they will stand upside down, (blood)
pressure will be normal.

And then he will tell, ‘Alright, enough, enough! Now come down!’

He will make them stand upside down sometimes even for full three minutes!
Three full minutes is not a joke, please understand! Three hundred and
sixty seconds he will make them stand. And, that’s all! Initiation is

And from the next day, he will make them do all kinds of asanas, some of the most difficult asanas like mayurasana. In mayurasana
you are supposed to stand on just both palms, balancing the hand on
your stomach. And those poor fellows, their stomachs are so big, they
can neither put their hand on the stomach, nor can they even imagine
balancing the whole weight on the palm! I can tell you, it is a medical
miracle! Because that heavy weight cannot stand on the palm…..two palms!

But he will simply tell them, ‘Hey! Mayurasana!’

That place where he used to teach yogasana, that mandapa (stone pillared hall
in Indian temples) has all carvings of yogasana. I don’t know what for
they made that mandapa; may be, this was the purpose. In that whole
mandapa, all asanas will be carved on the stone pillars – mayurasana,
matsyasana, all the major asanas.

So all he would do is (point out to the carvings and say), “Hey! Do this asana!’ That’s all!

And that poor fellow will simply do! He does not even know that it is something difficult!

How the whole body can be shaped by just one hug!

I always used to wonder, what is this guy up to? What is he up to?

And, the same way, he had one dog. That dog, you will be surprised, it will
straight away climb trees! Neither after, nor before, I have seen a dog
climb trees! See, full tree, the Nagalinga tree, there are nagalinga
flower trees….. .

And he will tell that dog, ‘Hey, go and bring flower!’

And early morning he will do a very funny pooja. He has a funny way of
doing pooja. He will tell that dog to bring that flower, and…..I do not
know, of course, very difficult for you guys to believe; unless you see
you cant believe…..the dog will never touch the flower with its mouth,
but it will get it with its front leg, and it would come by walk on
three legs without putting that flower on the ground! I have seen! I
have seen! That tree he (the dog) will just climb and get the flower
with the front leg; and he will not put the flower in his mouth, he will
just take it in his hand (front leg) and somehow he will hold the
flower and walk with three legs and come!

And he (Raghupathi Yogi) has a very funny way. He will not have a deity or anything. He
will take that flower, and on the ground he will draw something with his
finger, and put that flower and chant some mantra, and sit silently.
And, slowly, usually he will levitate. In a very mild way he will
levitate and come above that flower (above the spot) where he put that
flower, and be there for a few seconds and then he will just land on
that flower. That’s all! That is all his pooja, his morning pooja. Very
funny it will look. And, of course, still I don’t know the meaning, what
he is doing or what is his purpose or anything, but many people have
seen; it is not that only I have seen. At least ten-twelve people I know
who have seen his morning pooja, very weird pooja.

Even for that dog. If the dog is not able to climb the tree…. . Sometimes the
flowers will not be in the lower branches. If you have seen the
nagalinga tree flowering, it will not have the branches; the flowers
will not be in the branches; the roots itself will hang like branches,
and in that the flowers will come. Sometimes in the lower level if the
flower is not there, the dog will come back. And again, he will give one
hug, that’s all, to the dog. That fellow (the dog) will climb to the
top (of the tree). How he is able to transmit the powers through the
hug! It is a very great experience. Now I know the science of this. Now I
know the science of it!

So, this is the power of the Master’s touch or hug. I have seen, five-six hours of discourses or counseling,
what it cannot do, I have seen my one hug doing it! Getting people out
of depression, or giving them understanding about life, or many things,
five-six hours of talking or teaching will not do. One hug will do! That
is why still, even people who lived around me for six-seven years will
not miss one chance of having one hug. They will not think, ‘No, no, no!
After all what is there? I hugged him thousands of times!’ No! No! They
will not try to miss one chance. Because it is an experience. Something
happens in the system.

It is not that I will always be hugging in a very loving way. I will say, ‘Alright! Come!’ It will actually be a
beating. But even then, something happens in that hug. Something is
transmitted. Something is directly sent to your DNA. May be, because of
this scientific statement, we can do research on hug also; before hug
and after hug what happens in your system, and prove to the world the
power of the Master’s hug.

Hugging is nothing but accepting you as you are…..completely. In modern days, who is even looking at your
eyes? Who is even accepting you as you are? Who is interested in even
talking to you? Forget about hugging! So, it is like a…..not just
verbally, through body language I am saying, ‘I accept you as you are,
and I am showering myself as I am on you.’ That is why the hug does
something extraordinary which you can’t imagine. It gives you in body
language a deep comfort and the feeling…..I am saying, ‘I accept your
surrender. I accept you as you are. I accept your being. I am showering
my being.’ That is why the hug.

See, the hug directly revives and rejuvenates your DNA. It may take one or two hours for you to feel
the energy of that act and the transformation. But, it works on the
deeper level. Not from ordinary mental level. Not from ordinary mental
level. That is why even if you don’t feel in my face expression or body
language the love, it will be felt in the very DNA.

The next research. The scientists and researchers, Gregg Braden, gives evidence on how emotions change our DNA.

In case of gratitude, love and appreciation, DNA responded by relaxing and length becoming longer.

Just simple feeling love! Understand that every day, morning one hour when
you do guru pooja your DNA becomes relaxed and length becomes longer;
because you are in in the mood of gratitude, love and appreciation. One
hour DNA becoming longer is too much… live at least
one-hundred-and-thirty years! I am telling you! One hour is too much!

I tell you, even twenty-one minutes, twenty-one minutes of love and
appreciation feeling, that’s one cycle (twenty-one minutes is one energy
cycle)…..see, one cycle per day, if you keep anything alive, that is
more than enough to keep you in that experience for the whole day. It is
like, any emotion maintained for a cycle becomes the louder voice in
your system.

Because, now (in the) morning (when) you sit (for guru pooja), actually two cycles are maintained. The guru pooja you do,
the pratyaksha pada pooja you do is more than two cycles, i.e., around
forty-two minutes. So, two cycles you are doing. In those two cycles,
one cycle give it (away) as a discount. Some moments…..may be, you are
looking at the flower, looking at the mantra…..or one or two moments you
miss; leave it, it is okay. Even (for) one cycle if you are able to
maintain some feeling, some idea, some concept, that becomes the loudest
concept uttered by your mind to your body the whole day. You cannot
maintain even the worst hatred or enmity for one cycle in a day, even if
you try! Or, you may have to sit, and visualize, see that fellow’s
picture, remember that incident again and again! Anyhow you are not
going to do that every day; and you won’t be able to do. So naturally,
this gratitude, love and appreciation, becomes the loudest information,
loudest action, loudest voice of your system.

I tell you, simply twenty-one minutes, means one cycle, sitting in the morning with love
and gratitude and appreciation is enough. If you are sitting every day,
even one sitting if you miss, that is okay. Six days, twenty-one minutes
is too much. You will easily live one-hundred-and-thirty years!
One-hundred-and-thirty years is very easy.

I know, one cycle, if something is getting recorded in your system, that is the reason….. .
Why do you think these Iyengars (members of a Brahmin community in South
India) live so long? Because they have something. If you are from an
Iyengar family, you will know. How much ever you try, your father-in-law
or mother-in-law are not moving. Because, still in Iyengar families,
they have the tradition of… the morning, they will sit and apply on
their forehead that mark (naamam). It will easily take half-an-hour for
them, in a very systematic way. Of course, if you are just born Iyengar
and not practising Iyengar, this does not apply for you. If you are born
and practising Iyengar, this will apply for you.

Even in some of the Iyer families, they have this tradition. Iyer families they will
apply that bhasma. Or they will have either Shiva or Ganesha in their
house as their family deity, and morning half-an-hour, they will (do
pooja)… is almost like playing with that deity only. But, they will
be having some mood of appreciation or gratitude and love. And if you
can maintain just this one thing, nothing else, your immune system will
constantly be programmed and strengthened, and easily
one-hundred-and-thirty years you can live. May be, it will look like a
too quick a promise; (but) I tell you, it is true! It is supported by
science. What they are saying, exactly I am translating with my

The second research:

In case of anger, fear, frustration and stress, DNA is tightened up, DNA becomes shorter and DNA’s codes are switched off.

Means, almost the partial death starts happening in you. The partial death
becomes experience you. So, understand, the anger, fear and frustration
and stress, even if it happens with logic and reason, it harms you more
than your enemy. As I told you yesterday, develop this habit of “Abhayam
sarva bhootheshu”. Nothing to lose! Nothing to lose! You will be a
powerful person and warrior, both.

“Abhayam sarva boothebhyo”!. I tell you, like how Krishna was sitting in Arjuna’s chariot,
Dhananjaya’s chariot, and driving the chariot, with a deep feeling of
“abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo”, and waging the whole war, (in) the same
way, I sit in Dhananjaya’s chariot, and with a deep feeling of “abhayam
sarva bhoothebhyo”, see that the whole war is waged. And we will win the
game. Understand, be established in “abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo”.
Without touching any weapon, without doing anything, just sitting as a
charioteer for Dhananjaya; and he does all the job. Understand,
Dhananjaya means Arjuna. Be established in “abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo”

I tell you, not only Krishna, even many other people, by Krishna’s teachings, even Arjuna, or Dharma, many people, even the
warriors, were established in that mood. So, as much as you can, every
night relax into that mood of “abhayam sarva bhhoothebhyo”. Then you
will understand pure anger, unmixed anger, unmixed response, a pure
strategy. And you will just see, very beautifully, how beautifully you
flow into that and right strategy evolves in you.

Not only that, your mind and body becomes a lubricated tool. Understand, when a
diamond-studded tool cuts the granite, it is like a war. (The person)
who gets more heated up, will break. If the tool gets more heated,
naturally that will break. The stone will win. If the tool knows how to
maintain its coolness, the stone will break, and the tool will win. In
the same way, “abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo” is an amazing lubricant. Like
Krishna sometimes advises even for his enemies and opponents some
strategy planning session. How Nakula and Sahadeva fixed dates for even
their enemies, gave them (the enemies) astrological guidance, I am
telling you, even those who cherish enmity towards me, I give this to
you as strategy planning. Watch and use it. Practise this “abhayam sarva
bhhoothebhyo” if you can. You will have lubricated tool. You will have
lubricated tool. I tell you, have lubricated, cool, diamond tool,
diamond-studded tool.

Tejas! Tejas means, shining like the sun and cool like the moon. Your intellect is supposed to be like that. Not
to be shaken by fear and stress. And being paranoid. Paranoid means, (in
an) unnecessary direction you will be wasting your energy. Whenever in
the war Krishna’s strategy was not obeyed, the Pandavas got a strong
blow, beating, because, their strategy came out of paranoia; not with
the lubricated tool. I tell you, have a lubricated tool, the deep
compassion, the tool which has “abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo”.

With that intelligence, with that strength, with that compassion,, I think
all of you should write these words, “abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo” and
have in your bedroom. At least, all the Swamis and Rishis. So before
falling asleep, remember…..falling asleep means you are withdrawing from
the war of the world. See, you create this maya, you create this world,
and enjoy it or fight with it; even your enjoyment is fighting with it;
nothing else.

Even your enjoyment is fighting with it. It is like the honey which you have in barrels; you pour it in a honey comb,
and then try to squeeze that honey comb and take the honey dip by dip
into your mouth. That is what is your enjoyment. Even that is a fight,
understand. So anything you do, which is projected by you, is fight. So
(when you sleep) you are withdrawing from that fight, and falling into
the state where this whole canopy, the whole tent which you created is
rewinding into your self. That is what is sleep.

Sleep means nothing but every night you decide, ‘Alright! I opened my tent and did
my circus. Now relax. It is time to stop my circus and wind up this tent
and put it into me to rest.’

So every day when you wind up your tent, tell yourself, ‘“Abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo”. So now I am
withdrawing from all the fight and enmity. I am withdrawing from all the
anger, fight, enmity, that “dhwandhwathwa”, duality, the “two” feeling.
So I am relaxing.’ I tell you, just with this one idea, sleep every
day. That deep sleep which you have, that oneness which you experience
will become enlightenment. As of now, you feel sleep is not happening
with your will. It is being sucked. That is why when you come back, you
feel that oneness is a darkness. It has happened. But, every day make a
decision, ‘Hey, enough drama! Now I am packing up my circus tent and
relaxing! “Abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo”! Let nobody have fear of me. I am
withdrawing. I am withdrawing.’ Remember this and sleep. It will become a
conscious decision of withdrawing. Every day deep sleep will become the
experience of advaitha.

See, everyday you are experiencing oneness, nithyananda. Unfortunately, you do not think it happens because
of your decision. You think it happens by somebody else’s decision, by
force. No! This “abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo” will bring tremendous
clarity to you.

And same way, early morning when you wake up, ‘Come on, put up the tent. This is Ananda Sabha. This is Chitta Sabha.
This is Rajya Sabha. This is ashram. This is world. And this is Swamiji.
Now I am getting ready and go and sit and see the drama of me playing
the role of Swamiji. And me playing the role of Chitta Sabha. Me playing
the role of Banyan Tree. Me playing the role of Anandeshwara Temple. Me
playing the role of my friendly team. Or me playing the role of my
enemy team. Me playing the role of my colleagues. Me playing the role of
this world.’ Know clearly, early morning when you wake up.

When you fall asleep, tell clearly, “abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo”. ‘Now I am winding up. Relax!’

Have these two understandings. You will see very clearly, the very sleep
will be transformed into an advaitha anubhoothi. That is what Shankara
says, ‘nidhra samadhi sthithihi’ in his Manasa Pooja Mantra. There is a
beautiful manasa pooja mantra written by Shankara. What we use is the
pre-Shankara mantras; it is the Nirvani Akhada’s mantras.

Shankara has written a very beautiful manasa pooja mantra. Nidhra samadhi
sthithihi. All my sleep is Samadhi. All my walking is pradhakshana. Very
beautifully, this is what he means.

If you remember, you are winding it back, and say, “abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo”. Have a small
board near your bed. Have this as an idea. Before going to sleep,
falling sleep, ‘Great! Now pull down Chittha Sabha. Pull down Ananda
Sabha. Pull down the temple. Pull down Swamiji’s form. Pull down the
whole world. Pull down everything. Pack it. Put it inside ananda gandha.
Rest. Abhayam Sarva Bhoothebhyo. I am not going to fight with you,
Chittha Sabha; I am not going to fight with you! Oh, my legal team, I am
not going to fight with you! Oh, my friends, I am not going to fight
with you. Oh, my banyan tree, I am not going to fight with you!’

Understand, even if you are receiving pleasure and joy from the banyan tree, it is
your fight with the banyan tree. Understand, it is like you have tons
and tons of honey. But you create a honey comb outside and you pour two
liters of honey into it. Then you try to squeeze that honey comb and
take that honey dip by dip. Any joy you receive from me is your own joy
(of) which you have tons. You pour two liters on me. Sometimes you are
so miserly, you pour only two-three dips on me, and squeeze me to take
those two-three dips out of me. And I have to suffer all your squeezing.
It is fight, understand. Even if you are having joy, it is fight.

So tell yourself, ‘Swamiji, enough! I forgive you. I will not fight with
you. Abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo! I don’t need joy from you. I have it in
me. So I am winding up and putting all the things into me.’

So relax and say, ‘abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo. For the whole world I give
abhayam. I neither want to fight with you for joy, nor want to fight
with you to take revenge. I have everything in me. I am going to be in
that space for next some time. I don’t want to tell till what time. I
will be in that space for as long as I want.’ Lie down.

Morning when you get up have this understanding, ‘Yes, come on! Let the Chittha
Sabha be built. Let the Rajya Sabha be built. Let the ashram be built.
Let my friendly team be built. Let my enemies be built. Let the temple
be built.’

Expand and start your circus. You will see the tremendous transformation. Nidhra samadhi sthithihi will be experienced
by you. So this stress, anger, frustration will not be there in your
sleep and your DNA will not die. Every night if you sleep without fear,
anger, frustration, stress, the death of your DNA will be reduced and
the anti-ageing will start happening. This is the technique for
anti-ageing. Early morning when you wake, you will be like a fresh

See, early morning when you wake up, you should not feel like brushing your teeth. Your mouth should feel fresh. Then (this
means) you slept the whole night with love, with deep love. Use this as a
scale to find out. Early morning when you wake up, your mouth should
not feel like… will feel that bitter or very bad feeling, and
immediately you want to rush and brush the teeth; of course, there are
some people (who are) insensitive; that is different; forget about that;
usually a normal man will feel like running and brushing; if that
feeling is there, (it means) at night you slept with some frustration,
fear and stress.

Practise this, what I am saying, “abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo”. Within ten-fifteen days, you will change. You see, you
should brush your teeth; I am not saying don’t. But early morning when
you get up you should not feel any difference between how the mouth was
when you slept and morning when you wake up. This is the scale to find
out whether you are sleeping with love or stress, whether you are ageing
or anti-ageing.

If your mouth is fresh as if you had a mint in your mouth when you get up in the morning, that means you slept with
love. There is no fear, stress, anger; you are anti-ageing. Just
maintain this one thing: early morning when you wake up, before brushing
itself you should feel as if you had a mint; the cool, fresh breathing.
If you can maintain this one, over! Nothing else is required! Nothing
else is required! Then you know you slept without anger, fear or
frustration. Death was not working on you during the night time.

Either you allow Brahma to work on you or Yama to work on you every night.
Among these two, one will be working on you. If you sleep with the truth
of “abhayam sarva bhoothebhyo”, Brahma will be working on you. If not,
Yama will be working on you. Either Kaala works on you or Kaalabhairava
works on you. If you sit with the feeling of “abhayam sarva
bhoothebhyo”, Kaalabhairava will be working on you; constantly
rejuvenating. Or, Kaala will be working on you.

The next truth:

Once twelve strands of DNA are activated, emotions, beliefs, behavioral
pattern that do not serve our life can be removed and replaced with
vibrations of love energy

This is what I call you becoming an incarnation. This is what has exactly happened to me at the
age of twenty-two. In the year 2000, at the age of twenty-two, this is
what has happened to me. All the twelve strands got awakened. All the
twelve strands of DNA got activated. So the emotions, beliefs,
behavioral patterns that do not serve our life, life’s purpose, is
removed and replaced with vibrations of love energy. I can call it as
vibrations of awareness, bliss energy. Different names you can give. And
I realized that I am an incarnation and I have a purpose to fulfill.
And it is expressing. So understand, this is the science behind how
incarnations feel, act and live.

There is another one truth., this is another one website which gives information on this DNA science.

The change in emotions, changes the shape of DNA. Emotions change our
physical DNA, and when we change, the world around us changes.

Please understand. Emotions change our physical DNA, and when we change, the world around us changes!

Again, I always tell people, ‘Be blissful. Wealth will be attracted towards
you. You will attract all the right things, right situations, and right
happenings. The world around you will change.’ The scientists are saying
the same thing in different, different, different words.

So, the essence is:

Let you start practicing the higher human emotions and reprogram your
system with higher human existence in a higher way of existing, with
higher reality; you will see your DNA changes, your health improves,
your life changes, even the world around you changes completely. So let
you all experience this change.

Inner Awakening (the 21-day intensive transformation program conducted by Swamiji) is all about
giving you the glimpse of this change. You are reprogrammed to the
higher reality. All your human emotions are purified. And not only your
health becomes strong, you are transformed physically, you will learn
the science of attracting the right changes around you, because the
sangha gives you that intelligence. So to experience Buddha, Dhamma,
Sangha, be in Inner Awakening.

My blessings to all of you. Let you all achieve and radiate enlightenment; let you all achieve, live,
experience and radiate the eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!

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Comment by Blossoming Beauty on November 13, 2010 at 5:31pm
I read most of this the other day..and just finished it..and like Jilly, maybe you should start a group and whenever you want to share one of these, they will be there so we can go back and read it.
Comment by Jill on November 11, 2010 at 10:07pm
Oh my gosh. This was so long and I so wanted to read it along with the other blogs. Maybe you should start a group and post these there. I know I would follow along with your insights. I think Im going to figure out how to print this so I can read it in my leisure and not from the computer. Thanks for sharing.
Blessings Jilly

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