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At 2:08am on March 13, 2010, Cocreative said…
Hi there, Roxana -

It's been more than a year since our last messaging. How are you doing? I read your comments about food and diets, etc. Am very much focusing on that myself now, as a continuation from last year's big changes. Today, I was so proud of myself - eating VERY healthy UNTIL - a compelling craving for chocolate frozen yogurt! What do we do about these slip-ups?
Hope you're doing well.
At 11:33pm on April 25, 2009, Cocreative said…
Hi Roxana -

Thanks for the comment - appreciate it. I'm doing better with the food business. Sounds like you're doing well. We'll get this thing managed won't we!
At 11:39pm on April 14, 2009, Cocreative said…
Hi Roxana - How's the new food plan going for you? I'm still on the gluten-free and TRYING to avoid sugar - and mostly alkaline. Today, however, I'm thinking ahead to the idea of relocating and the mere idea is causing me to eat nervously, like a rabbit. Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. delicious.
oh well... : >
At 11:43pm on April 1, 2009, wealthy apple said…
Well, good luck with your vision video! And let me know if you need any help --- I'd be glad to! Best wishes to you, Roxana!

Many Blessings,
Jess :-)
At 1:09pm on April 1, 2009, Cocreative said…
Yep. I hear you. I guess our systems are going through an adjustment to the new foods. I must admit I like that "kind of hungry" feeling that goes with the all-green days. Because I know that means some cleansing is going on, too!

Thanks for your comment.
At 10:47pm on March 29, 2009, wealthy apple said…

Hi Roxana,

Thank you for checking out my "vision video." I am glad you enjoyed it! Heck, I'd gladly make you a vision video---for free! Just give me some images or music to work with and I would gladly do it. Hope everything is going well with your challenge! :-)

Peace, Love, & Gratitude,
Wealthy Apple
At 10:04pm on March 25, 2009, Cocreative said…
Hi Roxana - How's it going for you with the raw/vegan diet? I read one of your previous posts and wondered if you are currently having any "adjustment" issues to any of these foods. I am back and forth between all-raw/alkaline and craving bread/carbs currently. So it alternates every day or two. I guess this will sort itself out eventually. Interesting for now. My system is still getting used to the new regimen.
Good luck to you ~
At 5:11pm on March 10, 2009, dawn said…
i am so happy that you are feeling good!! the raw diet is so miraculous, sometimes other foods can be tempting, though :") i found a powder that is very dark green called 'blue green algae' that i am adding to soups and smoothies, and seems to boost my energy and happiness a lot! i am holding steady just under 145lbs.. i got down to 140 twice and then started to overeat! it has always been a pattern, i don't really know, i guess that part of me uses my weight as identity and excuse, and i feel like if i am rejected when i am thinner, it would hurt more because it was my real personality being rejected. wow, that is a mouthful! i am doing some stretching and walks in the evening, and my goal is now more to love my body and appreciate her for all she allows me to do! so happy to connect with you, and sending huge warm blessings your way, beautiful doll!
At 12:29am on February 26, 2009, wealthy apple said…

Thank you for your well wishes! I really appreciate it! :-)

Love, Jess
At 11:59pm on February 24, 2009, wealthy apple said…
I'm glad you enjoy my blog! I am such a visual person, so I always need to put a photo in there somewhere. Thank you for your support! :-)
At 1:11am on February 23, 2009, wealthy apple said…
Thanks for the invite! Good luck with all you choose to manifest! :-)
At 11:21pm on February 11, 2009, Freedom Seeker said…
Hello Roxana....I'm new here and am just wondering how people are doing with this challenge. I hope you are attracting everything you desire!!

By applying the Law of Attraction in my life, I attracted an incredible opportunity based on the Law of Attraction principles along with a community of people dedicated to helping others and making a difference. Feel free to visit my page for further information if this idea resonates with you. :)

In Peace & Prosperity,

At 12:08am on February 6, 2009, wealthy apple said…
Thank you for the blog post. Traveling in itself is so inspirational. What other countries did you visit in Europe?
At 3:50pm on February 5, 2009, Emha said…
Hey Roxana, I'm glad you enjoyed Zorba's music on my page. It is there to remind me of my goal: a Greek Holiday in 2009! I have seen the movie but it is sooooo long ago I can bearly remember.
At 2:54pm on January 29, 2009, Sonia Johnstone said…

Hi honey hey thankyou your feedback has been really helpful I've had tension headaches for the past few days last night I went to bed early because I felt so tired this stuff is sooo drainning but today is another day I do my prayer afirmations and visualization then head off to work " LIVE in the solution not the problem Sonia " you are so lovely precious lady thankyou for caring for me and taking the time to send me supportive feedback Arohamai Blessings SoniaJ xoxoxo
At 5:10am on January 19, 2009, Cheryl said…
Hi Roxana! I like the way you have stated your intentions, as if they have already happened and are a part of your "now." Love that! I will restate my intentions this way. Thanks!!
At 1:28pm on January 16, 2009, dawn said…
Good Morning! Yes, there are many tools as well. Look up "David Wolfe" and you can watch some of his lectures. Ani Pho has some good raw recipes. The whole idea is to keep life force inside your food by only heating it to 105, in a dehydrator, and eating most totally fresh. But girl, I make nut meat lasagna, yam and cold pressed olive oil fries, all sorts of good things, in addition to my totally fresh stuff!! Tee hee, but they still have their enzymes and so they digest and keep me high energy. Keep in touch and have an awesome day!!! :)
At 7:43am on January 16, 2009, Travis said…
Thank you for the comment Roxana!! I think you and I are on to something. I am already feeling so much better this morning--and its FREEZING outside. (I'm a big wimp, I don't like the cold weather at all) I trust your Day Two will be full of abundance and happy surprises!!
At 5:06am on January 16, 2009, dawn said…
Thanks, Roxana! Yes, raw foods have enhanced my life so much, going hand in hand w the new positive thinking!!! Hey, welcome to you and I am excited for our new season. I didn't really keep up w my updates, but it is so good to write goals and intentions up! Yay have a beautiful night :) !!
At 9:25am on January 15, 2009, Jennie said…
Hi Roxana!
Welcome to the Challenge!! This is a wonderful place to meet fabulous, like-minded individuals, where we can share with and support one another on our journey! I wish you the best for your personal growth!

Peace and Blessings!

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