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At 8:57pm on October 6, 2011, Ahesha said…

Kelly! I don't know how I came across your clue! LOL but I a glad I did. I look forward to reading great things about you in the future. Best of success with all you plan to manifest :) Please, feel free to keep in touch. 


Take care,


At 3:55pm on October 1, 2011, Charlie Cakes said…
Just wanted to wish you an amazing day!
At 9:36am on September 3, 2011, Laura Ann Moore said…
Thank you Kelly, Wishing you all the best!
At 10:14pm on August 30, 2011, Heather Marie said…
Have an amazing season!!!!
At 11:37am on August 20, 2011, Finally Famous, No Ceilings said…
Thank you, been here well over a year now; I am sure the mint water is going to ween me off just fine. :o)
At 5:59am on August 19, 2011, GOODREAMS said…


thanks! Have a super day,

and I wish you all the best with the new group, sounds exciting.


its really interesting with weightloss, for three weeks i eat even less white meat, so

for three weeks i eat mostly cooked eggs, vegetables,fruit, some potatoe. And for these three weeks i have excersized very little, but still in these three weeks lost again a lot of weight!!

Food is obviously important factor here, because i am sitting on my bum almost all day long and reading, writing or watching tv as i am on holidays! and still lost a lot of weight. so think about what you can ALTER in your food plan Kelly.and one more thing, i also smoke less, almost nothing, which should have me getting more weight but no...


also, AFFIRMATIONS on getting abundant, and on self esteem helped me loose weight even if the affirmations werent about weigh loss.

think about what you can do with affirmations because they are extremely effective to break down thinking habits,

you might cry as things come up to the surface, or get angry but its aaall good good for weight loss , trust me on that one. its all about being emotionally happy, and i clear everything away so i can be even more emotionally happy without any whatsoever codependent or dependent issues (relationships,food,smoking,alcohol etc)!!

you can do it!!

just some more thoughts about weight loss....



At 5:32am on August 17, 2011, GOODREAMS said…

Hi Kelly

just another thought about weight loss


when i said that i have lost weight slowly i meant in a period of 5 months, but the

slimmer me came out in just 2 weeks, so 4 months 1/2 i saw little difference from the aerobics, and then in 2 weeks the excess weight on me just fell off me all at once,... in 2 weeks time.

the same happened to one of my aerobics instructors, she said the same happened to her, she worked out for a couple of months and nothing special happened, then suddenly a lot of weight came off in 10 days...


so kelly, hang in there if you havent had the results yet, we all have different bodies.

now when i am in london it has happened again, another i dont know how many kilos

came off me in 10 days time, very interesting, don t you think.


i think the body needs to get out of a rout from which it has been for a long time,and

when we exercize and shake that body for some months, then, comes the reaction,

all of that builded in fat and excess weight comes tumbling down...

At 3:08pm on August 11, 2011, GOODREAMS said…

Hi Kelly,

I am well thank you.

your hair looks great. and good about weight watchers too.

i have struggled with my weight 5 months but i have SLOWLY lost

weight which is AWSOME. i keep my new slim me! i have exersized more

and i eat almost no meat, just 3 times a week i eat a bit of cooked egg or chicken,

i eat very little pasta,bread and rice. these things are main factors in being successfull... i have either slow metabolizm because i am also a slower person in general, i hate stress.

now i only need to keep my body toned and fit. i go out running and walking. later

i will start again with some aerobics.

do you go to the gym or what do you do when you exercize?


best wishes


At 8:37am on August 5, 2011, GOODREAMS said…

Hi Kelly, is that your new hair style on your profile picture, it suits you.


good for you, you are still exercizing!!

 best wishes


At 8:27am on August 5, 2011, Qmaylee said…
Thank You Kelly, Iam counting calories. We will see! : )
At 11:23pm on July 25, 2011, ash~tastic said…
At 10:47am on July 25, 2011, zemerene said…
Hello Kelly thanks for welcoming me i just started a detox and cleansing for the next 21 days,i am really happy about this so far i am doing fabulous.I'm actually doing sticking with it,just having having fruits and greens smoothies,i plan to continue this for the 30 days,this truly makes me feel happy.I will keep you posted.
At 12:51pm on July 21, 2011, Michelle Moore said…
Hey Kelly! Thanks for the welcome comment! I am in Cosmetology but they just started a new program so i will be a LICENSED hair stylis, aestnitiian ( skin care mircodermabrasion) and nail tech when i finish! Its alot of work because most cosmetology just covers the basic im getting licesensed in all which means a lot of studying ESPECIALLY with the aesthetics lol. But i intend to open my own spa soon so im excited. Good luck on your journey as well!
At 11:29am on July 20, 2011, Kirstine Krog Larsen said…

Hi Kelly. Thank you for your welcome on my wall! I wish you the best on your weight loss journey and your journey of life :-) My goal for the next 30 days is just like yours - about 10-15 lbs. I will keep you all posted ;-)

Love, Kirstine

At 10:06pm on June 28, 2011, Jill said…
At 3:46pm on May 30, 2011, Heather Marie said…

HI!!! How are you? I look forward to more video's!!!


At 3:59pm on May 9, 2011, GOODREAMS said…

great kelly  , a car! cool.....


hugs and best wishes to you to. London is good.

i have already some good contacts, and i have still 12 appointments left with different agents.


At 3:55pm on May 7, 2011, GOODREAMS said…

Hi Kelly, great that you dont give up! dont bother if you dont fit in, doesnt matter....

i am reaching my fittnes goals, to get there faster i bought a natural slimming gel. its great. just  to try something more as well.

have still a lot to do with master i am in London and going on go sees,auditions etc....


dont give up!



At 6:19am on April 26, 2011, GOODREAMS said…

Hi Kelly, lovely page you have and i love the easter eggs david allen sent you!Sorry that i didnt reply so fast back, i have been and have a lot to do with writing my master degree essay (70 Pages) but it goes fine.

I am slowly getting more fit (body) , as i discovered, it doesnt go so fast getting fit with aerobics. i calculated that i need 3 months of regular aerobics to get fit, but hey, just so that there is developpment , right? so i am slowly getting there.what is an inspiration to me is looking at the "babes" whos been there longer than me, they are just getting more and more fit. great!

i hope that all your house dreams come true! that you will get what you want and need!

yes, its crazy, almost season 5!!

are you going to the gym? how do you get fit?

warmest greetings from Mirel

At 1:13pm on April 24, 2011, David said…

Happy Easter!



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