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At 1:35am on February 2, 2011, Qmaylee said…

No no numerology,  May 23rd is also my b-day : )

5th month, add 2+3= 5   lucky number!

At 10:52pm on May 23, 2010, Qmaylee said…
Happy birthday Vy!! : )
This is the best day of the year to be born on!!!!
At 2:14pm on April 25, 2010, Angélica said…
Hi Vy! I am so so sorry for reply so late!!
I hope that this days you are going better since you write me! I am doing great! Step by step things are happening, I am excited to know what would be next :) Meanwhile I have to do things " I have to do"...boring things, but I have to make them fun!
All the best!
Ps: I am wondering how old you are! You seem to be young person! and it's nice you are in this community!
At 3:36pm on March 7, 2010, Jean Dayton said…
I love your painting, you're really expressing yourself, i can feel that in the painting. Whoops about the brushes, its a bit of a learning curve this painting game!

have fun and great to see you painting.

At 4:02am on March 6, 2010, Jean Dayton said…
Hi Vy

Thats great! glad you've enjoyed it. I can't see your blog on here?

At 2:18am on March 1, 2010, Jean Dayton said…
How is the painting going Vy?

At 3:28am on February 24, 2010, Jean Dayton said…
Hi vy, excellent, you'll enjoy painting, it's so important to have a creative release, to have the balance in our lives. Yes, I used to practice reiki, had my own holistic business for a while, did reiki, reflexology and indian head massage. Still do reiki on myself friends and family sometimes when needed, more often though I'm encouraging others to empower themselves through LOA practices.

Keep me posted on the art, I'm interested.

At 5:56am on February 22, 2010, Jean Dayton said…
Hi Vy
How exciting!!.......I guess you want to get yourself a canvas and probably start with acrylic paints, less messy, dry easier, get a variety of brushes and just tune into your higher self and see what comes about, go with the flow .........good luck and let me know how you get on... post pics of your work, I have an art club on facebook where people can share ideas, post their pics etc, its here:

much love & creative power to you

At 12:43pm on February 12, 2010, Angélica said…
Hey! I saw you on my friends pics and a realized I don't know you, yet! lol
How are you? How are you going with your goals?
Good vibes!!
At 7:47am on February 12, 2010, Jean Dayton said…
Your profile pic is beautiful Vy. ;o)
At 4:50am on February 10, 2010, Derek said…
Oscar is such a cool guy, so nice. He was my Peer mentor in this Gateway program.

YOUR Music just Creeped me out hahahaha! It's dark, about 3 am, and I noticed this soft music... and that my itunes was closed and I had no idea where it was coming ffrom for a second lol. I was hoping it was a spiritual moment or something haha!!!

So yes.. You on the Abe Wagon, so so cool!! Ah, Have you ever youtubed them and gotten carried away on there?

Fellow Texan, if ya want anything.. hilarious videos, inspirational abe videos, just let me know ;)

At 3:14am on February 9, 2010, Derek said…
Meditation WOULD be nice... so cool.
Yes, I am a Longhorn.

Are you aware of Abraham-hicks?
At 12:03am on February 4, 2010, Derek said…
Vy! Welcome! Thanks for adding me as a friend. So nice to connect with someone who lives in my state! Rare occasion lol.
At 2:53pm on January 31, 2010, Jill said…
Welcome VY to Co-Creators, Blessings Jilly
At 4:21am on January 31, 2010, Jean Dayton said…
Hi Vy, I sent you a message...

At 3:43am on January 31, 2010, Christine said…
Hi Vy. I have also been interested in learning about my past lives since I read Brian Weiss's book, Many Lives, Many Masters. I haven't had any readings done, but I did have a healer access my akashic records once briefly because I had told him that one psychic told me that I was murdered in a past life and that I had a feeling she was a fraud and wanted to verify if that was true or not since she had made me pay her a LOT of money to "fix" my aura. So, he accessed it and told me that it had not happened. I should've trusted my hunch all along. That was the extent of my experience. I'm glad to see others who are on this spiritual path. I find this a very safe community where people are all very open to new ideas and concepts. Please share with me as you go on your journey. I'd love to hear of your experiences! Welcome!
At 2:48am on January 31, 2010, Jean Dayton said…
Welcome to the group Vy.

I love your intentions and goals, truly beautiful.

much love to you

At 12:31am on January 31, 2010, Christine said…
Hi Vy! Welcome to the 100 Day Reality Challenge! I hope you like it here. It's a wonderful community of really great people.
At 2:39pm on January 28, 2010, SunSurfer said…

Welcome to the Home of the 100 Day Challenge!

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