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At 3:50pm on November 13, 2011, Jill said…

Happy Birthday Kristy...Love J

At 12:45am on March 27, 2010, Love Life said…
I read your blog, and am glad you are having success with your career!!
It is joyous to hear from CCOR members who are doing well....
At 11:14pm on December 10, 2009, Megan said…
Oh Kristy-i LOVED that blog about your mum and the gifts having to have a "sensual" thing. I LOVED that you smelt the cinnamon. I had a friend who passed away and she used to make hand creams...when she died i could smell a soft smell in my art studio about 3 times...i didn't connect it until at the funeral it came to me again and then i realised it was the same scent as her jars of cream...she was visiting!!! Paul could not smell it even when I told him. xxx
At 7:25pm on December 5, 2009, RK said…
hey kristy how are you? I was wondering if you could help me with something. If you are online now, could you kindly send me a message via chat. If not I would be happy to email you about a certain issue I would like some help with. I would really appreciate your spiritual help. Thank you Resham xx
At 8:06pm on August 22, 2009, Jill said…
Hey...Cool Page...Love the same as mine almost. Except my favorite color is LIME so I had to include some on my Purple page. We have two brilliant minds here I think. Anyway...I was wondering?
I noticed reading your profile that you talk about yourself in the third person. I thought this interesting. Was there a reason for doing that? Was it intentional? HMMM...Hugs JILLY
At 4:27am on August 19, 2009, Seisrush Ob said…
Nice house pics. I'm gonna steal your dream house by manifesting it first! hehehe
At 6:53pm on August 18, 2009, Zara said…
Hi Kristy, I was came across your events page about the wraps. Sounds really good, can they be sent to the UK? I read your profile and your life sounds amazing! I love your goals and dream house!
Let me know about the wraps, thanks:)
At 12:52pm on July 29, 2009, Susan said…
Hi Kristy,

I can't figure out how to email you so I would like to try a wrap. Let me know.
At 3:28pm on May 28, 2009, Lisa said…
I love those pictures of the house you will be buying for yourself. That kitchen is beautiful, I just love a beautiful kitchen!
At 10:23am on May 20, 2009, Melissa Bunch said…
I hope the $ thing is going ok, sorry to hear what happened! btw.. your dream home.. I love it... it's very similar to what I! Have a good one girl! xoxo
At 5:57pm on May 6, 2009, Jessie said…
Hope you have a peaceful day. I saw a while back that you are from Michigan but I never got around to commenting....thats my bigest thing to manifest is to move to Northern Michigan! Im going to check out your webpage, I have stayed away from the paranormal- Not b/c I don't believe, but because it scares me a bit.....
At 2:37pm on May 5, 2009, karen said…
your home is the most beautiful i've seen, it has a welcoming and grounding feeling to it - smile.

love your manifestation list - It's not your work to make anything happen. It's your work to dream it and let it happen. Law of Attraction will make it happen. In your joy, you create something, and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about. That's the promise of Law of Attraction. -- Abhraham
At 3:33pm on May 2, 2009, Maya Z. said…
Thank you:)

Have a great season 3:)
At 3:15am on March 18, 2009, Isabel Swan said…
Thank you so much for your comment on Power Journals! You are a wonderful and beautiful person.
Love, Isabel :-)
At 12:21pm on February 12, 2009, Devika said…
Hey Kristy!! Thanks for checking in on me. SOrry about the late reply though. I was busy preparing for my entrance exam. How's everything going for you?? I'm starting my season 3 tomorrow.

Take care n keep smiling
At 7:51am on January 7, 2009, lorijovest said…
Hi Kristy ~ So nice to see a fellow Michigander (Michiganian?) on CCOR. I've been off for a bit, as my book manuscript was due and it got a little crazy. Now I've had some quiet time and family time and am ready to get back at it. I love your energy, too! You have such an evident passion for life. I'm going to start the CCOR group challenge on Jan. 15, so you'll see more postings from me starting then. I'll take some time to watch your videos and read your blog before them. Would love to connect with like-minded people in our area. Have a fabulous week, new friend!!! Hugs, Lori
At 3:09am on November 29, 2008, Devika said…
Hey Kristy!!
I can't tell you how happy I was when I saw your page.I was wondering why would someone as busy and spiritually elevated send me a friend request??But I have to tell you this that I practically jumped in my chair when I read that you're a psychic medium.God!! I had been getting signs that something concerning my intuition was about to happen.Maybe it was because we were going to get to know each other.

I saw two of your videos.And now I'm intrigued.I don't now if this is my imagination but while listening to your video I could smell a perfume and I can smell it even now.It's coming and going..not there constantly.God!! Don't you think it's much easier to rely on your vision...then atleast you know you're not making up stories or imagining stuff!!

I am so impressed by the courage you've shown. From Considering your psychic abilities as a curse to a've indeed come a long way .I have no doubt that you'll manifest every goal that you've set for yourself.I am a very inquisitive person so I can go on and on for I have so much to ask ....but I know you must be busy so I better stop.But please do tell me why did you send the friend in what prompted you ?? I hope you don't mind my I said I'm inquisitive:)

I understand that seeing ghosts in your own home must be a difficult thing.But you're one of the blessed people who's got a chance to serve others and fulfill your purpose in this life.You've got a beautiful gift to comfort others!!!

Keep shining
At 4:49am on November 28, 2008, tatiana said…
hey kristy! i just got your comments about the car now and i agree completely. i kept reading in my affirmations that i want a new car but man, i never asked for safety! so yes, i got my new car but what a price. i'm trying to be as specific as possible... and it's funny, love is one of the things i want and i always hear women say how they forget to ask for the fellow to be financially stable so above my computer i taped a fortune i got from a fortune cookie that says, "a rich partner is ordained for you." i'm believing it's a love partner and not just a business partner. ;)
At 7:45pm on November 5, 2008, Amy said…
Hi Kristy,

I hope all that you desire manifests itself before you in all it's beauty and rightness:)
At 11:25pm on November 1, 2008, Beverly - The Gothic Gourmet said…
Amy, when I think of you... and me... I think of us in long flowing gowns and crystal balls... and a photographer taking iconic photos that we'll use to promote ourselves all over the country! We don't need someone gathering "Universal Truths" and and charging us for them! We don't need a lot of things that seem to get pushed down our throats. No! We just need to 'be'. And I know you know what I mean!

Love you!!


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