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At 11:24pm on December 23, 2009, Stephanie said…
Thank you for that made my night! :)
At 2:43am on November 29, 2009, allison said…
Hello. I had sent you the message before realizing you already sent me the refund confirmation. I am sorry- your product seems like it is great and i apologize that i got angry obviously without cause. Best wishes to you with your program. I don't see my old comment here but if it still is on here somewhere let me know and i will be glad to delete it.
At 5:13pm on August 29, 2009, Khalida said…
Hi John....I'm back and am very interested in your program
At 11:35am on August 9, 2009, Kate said…
I have seen this movie and it is wonderful......
At 9:11pm on June 23, 2009, Alison Patterson said…
Thank You John.
At 5:12am on June 2, 2009, Anita Bhagawan said…
is the software free?
At 9:14pm on May 31, 2009, Nina Giovannitti said…
Sure. I am new to this site - What do you do? I am in LA - a writer and going through an exciting and challenging moment with a movie project - send me good energy and strength to stay positive and believe in my path - a hard day and yet nice messages to connect with like minded people... tomorrow is a another day and the wind will shift and what's meant to be will be - eh?? :)
At 7:52pm on May 25, 2009, Cheryl M said…
Hi John!
Thanks for adding me! You are my first friend on here:) Any tips for me?
And I have seen your software on the internet somewhere before!
Much Love & Light!
At 12:27pm on May 23, 2009, Heather Dillon said…

I appreciate the friend request. I am still new to the one hundred day challenge & trying to figure our exactly where to get started... but I am very interested in the attractor Genie" I will check it out.
At 2:07am on May 23, 2009, Kathy said…
Hi John, thanks for your message. I was immediately fascinated by "attractor genie" ... I'm off to your website to have a look.

I shall look forward to hearing from you again, and following your successes.

At 2:45pm on May 22, 2009, mybeautifulplace said…
Hi John, Thank you for you warm welcome.Stay in touch. -Ying
At 10:46am on May 22, 2009, Rebecca said…
Your software sounds really cool!
At 12:36am on April 6, 2009, Renee said…
Thanks John. Looking forward to getting know ppl around here :)
At 7:09pm on April 5, 2009, Richard Michaud said…
Hi John Petrov,
It is pleasing to get this welcome from anyone. I wish to have the time within this group for getting to know more about it & you. Sat. & Sun. are flea market days..Did U See My Booth in pics? As it is now my creating has taken me to a L.I.F.E. Program which meets on Tues. & Thurs; for the next eight weeks. The intro was interesting, last week, so I must continue to the finish in order to see where I end up with this spiritual workshop. What do you think?
More To Be Revealed !!!
Stay Well....Rich
At 10:47am on April 5, 2009, Janna said…
Hi John,

Thank you for welcoming me here to cocreatingourreality. I will gladly accept your friendship.

I am always excited to expand the opportunities for myself and others to acheieve our goals.

Have a wonderful day,

At 1:15am on April 5, 2009, Shelyn33 said…
Hello John,

I would be happy to have you as a friend. Thanks for leaving a comment on my page, I appreciate it.

My challenge will be starting on Monday :) I am very excited about it.

Talk to you soon
At 9:06pm on April 4, 2009, Ms. GG said…
Thank you for the welcome, John!
It was another reason to smile today!
At 4:53pm on April 4, 2009, Tamara Hanson said…
Thank you for stopping by to say hi!
At 4:43am on April 4, 2009, Vaiva said…
thanks for everything.
could you help me a lil bit?
why cant i upload my videos? :/
At 11:58am on October 4, 2008, LisaChristeen said…
Starting up my New Season 6 and I just wanted to say hello and great to meet a fellow co-creator!!!!

We are Power Manifestors!!!!! Always know that the universe is working in our favor. Always.

Much Love and Many Blessings
Lisa Lightworker
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