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At 5:56am on July 8, 2009, David The Dude said…
Jai guru deva, om, Nothing's gonna change my world, Nothing's gonna change my world.. [= enjoyed listenin 2 it on ur page... lol, i played it twice.... haven't heard it in a while.. hope u are well! oh & thanks for the add.. PeAcE & LoVe. David.
At 4:56am on July 8, 2009, Helena Isabelle Biggs said…
Dear nessa, thank you for reading my blogg and responding. I am enjoying getting into your page and sensing your spirit leap of the screen. What a beautiful energy you have!:-) Keep dancing with me!

At 1:09pm on February 10, 2009, Devika said…
Hey Nessa!!!
Sorry about the fact that I'm replying so late to your comment. I had a major exam coming up so you can understand...!!
I wanted to thank you for the New year wish you sent me.Hey it's a bit late but Happy New year,after all we still have eleven months to go!:)
I hope you manifest all your dreams and wishes in this new year.
Take care n keep smiling
At 4:29pm on February 8, 2009, Ryan James said…
Thanks for the comment! Let me know how things go with YOUR Big Book of Happy Thoughts!

Ryan James :o)
At 3:37am on January 20, 2009, Astrid said…
thanks you too!
At 9:27am on January 3, 2009, Barbara said…
Thank you for the welcome !
At 2:31am on January 2, 2009, Anna Oberlin Russell said…
At 2:28am on January 2, 2009, Sonia Johnstone said…
Hi there Nessa how are you honey ?? hey I bet you had a lovely New Years whoa!!! its 2009 another year of growing and learning YES!!!! I'm on holidays at the moment and loving it Blessings to you precious lady take care Arohamai SoniaJ

At 7:58pm on November 28, 2008, Carolyn said…
Ponies are SO perfect. I am going to concentrate on the ponies in my life and forget about the poop. Except when it's butterflies of course

carolyn x
At 5:25am on November 6, 2008, Sonia Johnstone said…

Hi there precious lady hey you have a lovely day and thankyou for your message bbbbbig hugs & blessings to you & your family Arohamai SoniaJ
At 3:32am on June 27, 2008, Helena - Liv Delicious! said…
Oh sure, you are welcome.
Actually, there is only one thing that I know - the past doesn't have to matter. It happened long time ago. I realized how I found my "identity" and connection in my old traumas and pains. It was a refreshing experience to "declare independence" of it on an emotional level.
That is Delicious life.... no matter what happened to us...

Aloha from Hawaii,
At 3:38am on June 26, 2008, Helena - Liv Delicious! said…
Nessa, the music Angel!

I am glad that 7 Delicious Days were Delicious to you. That is fun-tastic! Isn't it true that if you really want to have a good life and achieve your goals, you got to have fun first? I love laughing and I am so honored that my e-course did it for you.

Procrastination? There is usually some anger hidden underneath.
Is there anyone/anything you are angry about? Maybe some old anger? That is all tappable thing and can be moved forward.
I am supporting you, dear friend!

Aloha, Helena

Ps. I was in Europe for a while, my appologies for not replying sooner
At 8:54am on June 25, 2008, Sandy said…
Hi there. I just wanted to add you as a friend. How is your journey so far? I am on day 4 today and am loving it.
At 1:41pm on June 19, 2008, Nicolas said…
Namaste Vanessa,

hope you are having a great time now.


At 9:29am on June 12, 2008, Karen Walker said…
Aloha Vanessa

Thank you for bringing your positive loving energy to the community. My wish is for you is to receive all your hearts desires and more.

At 3:05am on June 7, 2008, Devika said…
Hi Vanessa!! Welcome to the group! So how's it going for you?From your blog I can surmise that you're really happy about being here..Fantastic!! Hey what did you mean by angel in your about me section...angel as in real guardian angels..I'm intrigued:)
I'm sure you'll have an excellent time here.
Have fun with your 100days
Hope you manifest all your heart's desires
To your well being
At 7:43am on June 3, 2008, Helena - Liv Delicious! said…
Hey, I noticed that you signed up for 7 Delicious Days!. Great!

Let me know how you love it!
At 5:15pm on June 2, 2008, Starla said…
I luv it! Welcome to the challenge, you're gonna love it here!
At 5:21pm on June 1, 2008, Helena - Liv Delicious! said…
Eat rainbows and Poop out butterflies!!!

This is so sweet!
Good to meet you!

Helena from Hawaii
At 10:15pm on May 31, 2008, SunSurfer said…

Welcome to the Home of the 100 Day Challenge!

Read My first Blog in the archives: "Getting Started for Newcomers."




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