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At 2:29am on April 17, 2012, Malena Hart said…

Hey Gypsie! Thanks for the friendship! I love your Art!!! keep shining!

much love and peace to you<3

At 3:47am on January 24, 2012, CeCeBROWN said…

Many blessings to you Gypsie, thank you for the co-creating friend request.  

At 8:26pm on January 16, 2012, LADY LOVELY NADIA said…

Lots of love and support and creativity to dear Gypsie,

thank you:

you were a nice part of my season 3 that i accomplished today!

At 3:54pm on January 11, 2012, nessa said…

Hi, thanks for your friendship. All the best for your creations and manifestations :)

At 2:01pm on January 5, 2012, Katy Kelly said…

Wow would like where I live in the Bristol -West country of England close to Glastonbury, very pagan, steeped in magic and the mythology of King Arthur. Bristol where I live was famous for its pirates, theres lots of travellers , gypsies and magical folk :D

At 7:33pm on January 3, 2012, Love Life said…

Awww thanks, no problem at really do inspire me.

This year one of my goals is to take up painting, and make some nice pieces for my new condo!! Seeing your work makes me happy!!

At 6:47am on January 3, 2012, Kerryn said…

Happy New Year Gypsie. Thanks for your friendship. I love your art too - especially your lovely angels :)

At 10:42am on January 2, 2012, ARGELLIES HELENE said…

Thank you Gypsie for sharing your so creative artwork !


With love,


At 9:35am on January 2, 2012, Mona said…

Happy New Year Gypsie!!! Thank you for the friendship!!! Your shop looks amazing, too bad we're not in the same state, otherwise I would been at your shop by now!!! Your jewelry is awesome looking. :)

At 3:05am on January 2, 2012, Elise Wilder said…

Thanks for the friend invitation Gypsie!  This is such a great community!  Inspiration abounds!

At 1:18am on January 2, 2012, Love Life said…

I love your artwork & jewellry!!

Happy New Year!!

At 9:22am on December 31, 2011, Carrie said…

Hey there Chickie! Thanks for the post :o) I've been seeing all of your great creations on facebook and I must admitt that jewelry is tempting! I love that your living your love love!

We are postponing FL (a usual topic) the when keeps getting moved but who knows! Maybe someday we'll live near each other and can PLAY!

Happy New Year Beautiful!!!



At 12:04am on December 31, 2011, Jesse Laslade said…

Thanx, for the friend request. We have similar goals. :)

At 9:04pm on December 30, 2011, Jill said…

Oh fabulous Gypsie, Everything looks so fantastic since the last time I saw it. I remember when you were painting book shelves some time ago. I need to get a good mannequin as well. My lil Sally is starting to look a little rag tag. I need to invest. I want one with legs next time around. Wow you got a fabulous deal. They make all the difference in the world.

Your pictures of the shop look so fab...the shop is filling up quite nicely I see. I absolutely love the new furniture you acquired. The old sewing machine drawers look great and will hold lots of wonderful stuff.

Glad to see you much love and hugs to you xoxoxoxo...J

At 10:02am on December 24, 2011, Alkistis Agio said…

Hi, Merry Christmas!!!

At 11:00am on October 6, 2011, Charlie Cakes said…
sending you joy today!
At 3:52pm on October 1, 2011, Charlie Cakes said…
Your jewelry pieces are divine! I wish i was in your vicinity to come pay a visit. I wish you the best!
At 6:05pm on September 30, 2011, Megan said…
You are beautiful! Thanks for the friendship...looking forward to shopping in your etsy! :)
At 8:29am on September 30, 2011, Carrie said…

Gypsie! Fantastic!!! I will go join now  :o)

I can't even remember my etsy sign in but am hoping that I will become more active there this coming year. I have upcoming classes to learn how to make these bags properly and have found some fast knitting projects that use up my excess yarn so I'll probably be on etsy and artfire in the months coming.

Thanks SO much for thinking of me. Off to look you up on FB now!



At 3:17pm on September 29, 2011, ash~tastic said…
hey there! how long have you been making jewelry? i make jewelry too! it's such a great form of expression. your work looks like you put  a lot of yourself into it-- beautiful!


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