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At 7:00am on July 25, 2011, Julia-lia said…

Hello Sonia! thank you so much for your coment... It makes  me feel closer to my goal :)

Of course France is beautiful but I am  so attracted by NZ  and its landscapes.. gosh I can't wait.

I'm glad that you  loved France, Paris is magic !

Wishing you the best

Love and Peace


At 7:14am on July 24, 2011, Carrie said…

I am doing fabulously well! TY! I have started a new project that I'm having a ton of fun with. Follow if you like ;o)  Its at

Its brand new. Today I'm posting a picture of a teeny tiny shirt I made out of a dollar bill haha...hopefully the art challenges will get a little more challenging though! I'll probably be posting info about it here as i go along. This is my FAVORITE blog site. I am thrilled to see some of the people from so long ago starting to return here.


At 1:38am on February 2, 2011, Qmaylee said…
Hey there! Hope all is well!
At 5:20pm on August 14, 2010, the Phenomenal Lauren G said…
Yes, I am always very busy, but never too busy for you. :) How are you love?
At 3:21pm on June 23, 2010, Elisa said…
I know you will get the best job for you. I live in Aguascalientes Mexico but I am from Mexico, city. Actually I am moving to Mexico, city in a few weeks. I am going to look for a new job too. I know everything is going to be great there. I love Mexico city and I am very happy to come back again.

I send you much love and light!!

At 12:13pm on June 23, 2010, the Phenomenal Lauren G said…
Thank you for your wonderful comments. I love you Sonia! Loved our Skype Chat the other day!
At 7:05pm on June 18, 2010, Elisa said…
Hi dear friend:

I am so happy to read you are well. I am great. I have been working with myself doing like a soul detox, I am practicing Ho'ooponopono which is a hawaiian technique to clean and love ourselves. I am feeling better everyday.

And you? How is it going?

I send you much love and light!!!!!
At 11:52pm on June 14, 2010, the Phenomenal Lauren G said…
Thank you for the I have missed you the most! How have you been? Glad that you got the camera back going! It will be so good to see your lovely face! :)
At 9:27am on May 30, 2010, Qmaylee said…
Hello hope all is well. ; )
At 11:46am on April 2, 2010, Melissa Maze said…
Hello Sonia, I'm doing are you? I haven't been on CCOR much lately, have to get back into it. I will search for you on FB. Have a beautiful weekend with your lovely family!!
At 3:25am on March 28, 2010, Yvette Marie said…
Wonderful, glad you enjoyed.
At 9:05am on February 6, 2010, Yvette Marie said…
Hello, How was Paris?
At 10:15pm on November 26, 2009, Elisa said…
Hi dear Sonia:

I am so happy to read you are having a great time in France. I am doing great I just opened my English scholl for children. I am very excited and happy. Things are coming in the perfect time. I haven't written any blog and It's been difficult to check my page but I will try to back .

I send you much love and blessings!!!!!
At 7:54am on November 19, 2009, the Phenomenal Lauren G said…
Thanx for the love on the videos. You are such a blessing to me. I totally miss your videos. :)
At 10:14pm on November 12, 2009, Qmaylee said…
Hello I hope all is well. Take care!
At 5:11am on October 24, 2009, Yvette Marie said…
Glad you enjoyed the " Be your own therapist" video.:-)
At 10:37pm on October 18, 2009, the Phenomenal Lauren G said…
You are so lovely! I'm so sad that your camera is broken. I am glad to be joining the challenge though. I will start on it tomorrow morning. First thing.

With skype.... hmmmm do you know your screen name. I can add you to my contacts and you can just accept. Then we will be connected to chat.
At 11:10am on October 10, 2009, the Phenomenal Lauren G said…
Thank you for the love lady! I am so glad to be back on. When are you going to do a new video darling. We are missing your beautiful face. Update us!
At 4:12am on October 10, 2009, Jean Dayton said…
Hi Sonia
re the Snow! it might be snowing in Jan, my video was taken in February, London came to a standstill ! i think Lilou did some videos at the same time too - i love the snow too.
At 6:35am on October 9, 2009, the Phenomenal Lauren G said…
I would love to chat with you. My skype is plaingerlaine. I will see you on there. Hugs and Kisses!


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